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17 Best Small Sunflower Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Ecstatic

I’m obsessed with what sunflowers represent, this beautiful flower symbolizes happy, sunshine, health, happiness and a positive outlook on life, and it even symbolizes devotion.

In short, it impresses me. If small sunflower tattoos are your next ink, explore the designs and ideas below and find the one that resonates with you.

Small Sunflower Tattoo designs and ideas

1. Black and white

So you want to make a small sunflower tattoo look cute and cool at the same time? Well, try a black and white design! I am sure that you will be happy with the final result.

Of course, the idea has already told you the answer. Moreover, the black and white color combination did not make this flower loses its brilliance.

So, sometimes our worries might be unnecessary.

black and white small sunflower tattoo

2. on wrist

The wrist is visible at all times, so the position is very important.

What I mean is that if you want to ink on your wrist, you should choose the tattoo design carefully.

Of course, a sunflower that symbolizes joy and happiness is obviously worth it.

small sunflower tattoo on wrist

3. behind ear

A small sunflower tattooed behind your ear will become your unique symbol.

When others see it, they will know that you are an upbeat and positive person.

In addition, a tattoo behind the ear that is both eye-catching and discreet will create a subtle atmosphere for you.

Do you love it? However, you also need to know that getting inked behind the ear is relatively painful.

Small sunflower tattoo behind ear

4. Simple

Even with the simple design and the lack of bright color combinations, this small sunflower tattoo still looks great.

Besides, it’s easy to go wrong with a unique and complex design.

It’s not hard to see how a simple tattoo will never go out of style.

That’s one of the reasons why I recommend this design to you.

simple small sunflower tattoo

5. Dainty small sunflower tattoo

It’s hard for me to clearly describe what kind of design is exquisite, because that’s a purely visual feeling.

But when I saw this Van Gogh sunflower tattoo, I knew it fit perfectly. What do you think? Please let me know what you thought.

dainty small sunflower tattoo

6. small black sunflower tattoo

The black sunflower does not have a special meaning, it is just a design style.

If you prefer a clean and well-defined tattoo, this design is for you.

It is worth noting that a solid black tattoo is more striking than a color tattoo, but it also fades easily.

small black sunflower tattoo

7. small rose and sunflower tattoo

Look feminine and more attractive by adding roses to the tattoo design.

The combination of these two flowers is perfect because they do not clash in either symbolic meaning or color.

A tip: The original colors will ensure that the design looks its best. In other words, yellow sunflowers and red roses.

small rose and sunflower tattoo

8. minimalist

Minimalist tattoos have minimum lines and colors, and the design contains only the pattern itself.

Many people love this style and even worship it because the minimalist style also represents a philosophy of life.

I’m sure you’ve heard of them, they are called minimalists.

Whether you are one of them or not, this style is one of the perfect options because it is classic and timeless.

minimalist small sunflower tattoo

9. small butterfly and sunflower tattoo

The butterfly is another popular feminine pattern that symbolizes freedom, change, and a powerful soul force.

Add it to a sunflower tattoo and the design is not only cute but stylish. Plus, the tattoo will have a deeper meaning.

They are combined together in two ways, the first one is like this idea and the second one is half butterfly and half rose.

If you like creative tattoo designs, obviously, the last way is more suitable for you.

small butterfly and sunflower tattoo

10. small realistic sunflower tattoo

A realistic looking tattoo might come to everyone’s mind when we quietly and seriously think about what kind of design is really needed. This is why the realistic style is still popular today.

This type of tattoo is perfect for people who want to keep simple and focused.

Realistic tattoos have amazing detail and just the right amount of shading in the design, so they will be noticeable no matter what.

small realistic sunflower tattoo

11. small watercolor sunflower tattoo

A “ton” of watercolor is not appropriate to add to a small sunflower tattoo design, but we were able to use this soft style to accent our ink to make it look delicate and subtle.

Plus, the bright colors offered by watercolor art will make the small tattoo get more attention.

small watercolor sunflower tattoo

12. on collarbone

A collarbone tattoo is significant and it can enhance femininity.

Inking on that position is painful, but a small and simple design can effectively reduce the amount of time you have to endure the pain.

So, the collarbone is also one of the best positions for a small sunflower.

Small sunflower tattoo on collarbone

13. Small sunflower and moon tattoo

The combination of sunflowers and the moon can be surprising, as this flower is usually matched with the sun.

Moreover, this combination may have a special meaning, but of course, it varies from person to person.

If we just look at the appearance, a small sunflower tattoo with the moon is absolutely fantastic and romantic.

Small sunflower and moon tattoo

14. Small sunflower matching tattoo

There are many reasons to choose a sunflower matching tattoo, the most important being that you and your bestie both love this flower and that you have the same thoughts about it. Only then can this flower truly become a bond between you two.

Small sunflower matching tattoo

15. Small sunflower line tattoo

The line art style allows you to get a tattoo without the burden and the design makes a statement to people in the simplest and most direct way possible.

By making the lines thicker or deeper the color, line tattoos easily navigate the line between eye-catching and low-key looks.

Plus, bold line tattoos even look cool, just like this small sunflower.

Small sunflower line tattoo

16. Small sunflower origami tattoo

Next, I would like to share with you a unique small sunflower tattoo design. The design creates a special look through origami art style.

Now, the flower looks modern and has a sun-like silhouette when viewed from a distance.

This is a personalized design, so the meaning behind it might be a story.

Small sunflower origami tattoo

17. on finger

A sunflower on your finger will not only keep you upbeat every day, but this small tattoo will also pass on a positive mindset to someone else.

In addition, others will see you as a person who is expressive and full of personality.

Of course, a colorful finger tattoo needs to be taken care of, otherwise it will fade quickly.

Small sunflower tattoo on finger