26+ Beautiful Backyard Wedding Ideas

The wedding venue is the most important part of the planning. A small backyard wedding may be the best choice this year. This outdoor wedding venue is more popular than ever. Last year it has entered the top three, and this trend will continue, it can be predicted that more and more newlyweds will choose it.

There are many benefits to having a backyard wedding. In my opinion, no place is more like home than this, especially on the day of the wedding, we will easily feel happiness, relaxation, and comfort. I think that holding a wedding in the backyard is kind and special (because in the past, it was not a mainstream place for weddings).

The decoration of the backyard wedding is simple and convenient, without any restrictions and rules. You can use more creativity to create the wedding of your dreams. At the same time, the budget is low and controllable (at least there is no need to pay for the use of the venue). Check out these ideas for inspiration. They include popular themes and styles, atmosphere creation and decoration details, etc. Combine your creativity and host an unforgettable, elegant, and romantic wedding!

Lighting string

Lighting stringPin

The lighting decoration of tents is very important. Placing too many lamps and lanterns with complicated shapes can easily make the whole space look “crowded” and excessively “bright”. It is enough to use this simple light string decoration, not only to meet the needs of lighting but also to create a romantic atmosphere.

Cocktail glass decoration

Cocktail glass decorationPin

The decoration of a cocktail glass is the most forgotten and underestimated. As you can see, the way to decorate it is simple. It only needs a dried flower or seasonal fruit to make it look elegant and beautiful.

Wedding cake table

Wedding cake tablePin

The cake is the protagonist of wedding food. Putting it on the table alone and decorating it will not only make it look more delicious, but it can also serve as the focal point of the wedding scene.

Blue theme

Blue themePin

What an amazing idea and creativity to plan a blue-themed wedding next to the swimming pool in the backyard. The overall decoration of this wedding looks so gorgeous and charming.

Botanical garden

Botanical gardenPin

The spring backyard wedding with plants as the theme looks full of vitality. The wooden seats add some rustic flavor to it, and people sit here as if they are in nature.

Tent rest area

Tent rest areaPin

Placing a medium-sized tent at the wedding site can not only be used as a leisure area, but the newlyweds can also spend the night here and have a wonderful wedding night. At the same time, it can also serve as an eye-catching decoration at a wedding.

Creative menu

Creative menuPin

An interesting and themed menu is a small detail that cannot be ignored in wedding decorations.

Modern arch

Modern archPin

Geometric metal arches are very popular, and they are an indispensable decoration for modern and fashionable weddings.

Simple but elegant

Simple but elegantPin

The dining table is decorated only with green leaves and white flowers, although it looks simple, the decoration effect is really good, and it is elegant enough. The color matching is great and perfectly explains the design concept of “less is more”.



Very thoughtful decoration design, most people will choose to hold a backyard wedding under high temperature, the parasol not only looks retro and simple but also takes care of the guest experience.

Fun activity

Fun activityPin

A backyard wedding is a special way to invite best friends and relatives to spend the whole day with the newlyweds, so it is necessary to prepare some fun-filled activities.

Dessert decoration

Dessert decorationPin

Give more space to wedding desserts, so please don’t forget to decorate them so that they are not only delicious but also look more beautiful.

Charming tent

Charming tentPin

More and more people like to use tents as the main decoration for backyards or outdoor weddings, but if there are no flowers or plants, it will look a little monotonous.

Creative and interesting small bar

Creative and interesting small barPin

Interesting retro mobile bar, this creative and unique decorative design is eye-catching, it will leave a deep impression on the guests.

Simple seat guidance sign

Simple seat guidance signPin

For small backyard weddings, a seating chart is also needed. Not only provides useful information, but also has a decorative effect, which looks simple and generous.

Create focus

Create focusPin

The bohemian backyard wedding background wall, geometric elements give it some modern style, and these similar rustic colors seem to have a certain resonance. Creative and unique design, if it is placed in the welcome area, everyone will be attracted by it.

rest area

rest areaPin

For a free and casual backyard wedding, it is a smart idea to decorate a rest area outside for conversation and entertainment between relatives and friends.

The easier way

The easier wayPin

Why must it be a chair? This relaxed and comfortable way of decoration is worth trying.

Bistro style

Bistro stylePin

For limited backyard space or inviting fewer relatives and friends, this bistro-style backyard wedding will be unforgettable.

100% theme invitation

100% theme invitationPin

Please print the backyard where the wedding is held on the invitation letter.

Table decoration details

Table decoration detailsPin

With the small details of the table decoration, this creative design will surely surprise your guests.

Wedding dinner decoration

Wedding dinner decorationPin

For a wedding dinner, if you can only use one kind of decoration, what is your choice? My answer is candles.

Pastel color matching

Pastel color matchingPin

The pastel color matching perfectly combines elegance and nature.

Floral decoration

Floral decorationPin

The decoration of the backyard wedding is simple and unlimited. Only using flowers as decorations can provide a good decorative effect for the wedding scene. The combination of metal flowerpots and white flowers makes it look not only elegant but also charming.

Elegant arch

Elegant archPin

The beautiful and elegant floral arch is a classic decoration design for backyard weddings.

Backyard tree decoration

Backyard tree decorationPin

Please decorate anything in the backyard as much as possible, such as trees.

Beautiful table decoration

Beautiful table decorationPin

The look of rich and beautiful backyard wedding table decoration is inseparable from flowers, plants, fruits, and simple and stylish tableware.

Chic dining table

Chic dining tablePin

This chic dining table looks unique, and the special shape effectively uses the limited space. You can invite more relatives and friends to your small backyard wedding.