5 Brands to Get The Best Temporary Tattoos

A permanent tattoo requires a lifetime commitment. If you haven’t made it clear what you want, try wearing a temporary tattoo to verify your thoughts. I think this approach is smart and feasible. Just like before you pay and get a new car, a test drive is something you will definitely do. Or if you just want to use tattoos to match your outfits and take unforgettable photos, then tattoos that can be removed at any time are the sensible choice.

Temporary tattoos are also called fake tattoos. It is not a novel product. You can even buy it in a nearby store. However, each of us needs the best tattoo design that is high-quality, safe, and non-toxic, doesn’t it? So we have reviewed some brands for you, they may be able to meet your needs.

Each brand has its own characteristics, and there is no big difference in their starting prices, ranging from $3.5 to $6.5. Whether you like the traditional style or are more obsessed with the minimalist and cute design. There is always one of these brands that can resonate with you.


Temporary Minimalist Smiley Face Tattoo

Inkbox started in February 2015 and was co-founded by two brothers Tyler and Braden Handley. The birth of this brand fits perfectly with the ideas of people who want to wear temporary tattoos. The two founders are considering getting a tattoo, but are not entirely sure what they really want. Inkbox has a patented tattoo technology, and the ink formula is unique, safe, and natural.

It has 26,000+ reviews and 4.5 ratings on Trustpilot.

Inkbox ink will form in your skin, so the tattoo can last 1-2 weeks. There is also a great help page on the website, where you can find almost anything you want to know.

Inkbox has 7000+ designs and detailed categories, and the price starts at $3.5 (including 30% off). It offers 7 tattoo sizes (1″x1″ Inches, 2″x2″ Inches, 3″x3″ Inches, 4″x4″ Inches, 5″x2″ Inches, 6″x3″ Inches, 7″x2″ Inches).

Inkbox also provides customized services, and the price of the tattoo is determined by the size. When you choose to customize your own temporary tattoo, there are restrictions on the available sizes. In fact, they provide four sizes: 2″x2″, 3″x3″, 4″x4″, 5″x2″. The prices corresponding to the sizes are $21, $23, $25, and $25. Customizing a tattoo on Inkbox is very simple, and they provide an easy-to-use online design tool.


Temporary Color Butterfly Tattoo

Tattly went online in July 2011. Tina Ross Eisenberg (founder) was tired of the poor temporary tattoo designs on her daughter’s arm. She wanted to take matters into her own hands, and the brand came into being. Tattly tattoos are printed with plant-based inks and are always safe and non-toxic, complying with FDA standards. It is worth mentioning that they claim that their temporary tattoos are suitable for people of all ages.

Tattly has professional designers and illustrators, their tattoos look full of vitality because most of the designs are in color. The temporary tattoos you buy from Tattly are all in pairs, so you always have one to share with your friends. Or place it on other body parts. They also provide tattoo sets for gifts and parties. Each theme contains 8 designs and a tool.

The duration of a Tattly tattoo may be short, and a simple design can last about 2-4 days. If the design has intricate fine lines and details, it may disappear more quickly.

Tattly currently has 396 temporary tattoo styles, priced from $2. The brand also provides customized services, but you need to order at least 500 for each design. Custom tattoo sizes range from 1.5″ x 1.5″ to 4″ x 6″.

Momentary Ink

Temporary Landscape Tattoo

The brand was established in March 2015 and is headquartered in North America. If you are looking for the world’s largest temporary tattoo provider, then Momentary Ink is the ultimate correct answer. The brand can provide services in 152 countries/regions. Interestingly, they also provide products with varying degrees of tattoo duration.

Momentary Ink has about 1,500 tattoos on sale. These designs are distributed in 16 categories, 14 themes, and 5 sizes. Prices start at $4.2 (including discounts). The website also has a separate category of semi-permanent tattoos, literally, you will know that it lasts longer than temporary tattoos. Prices start at $3.5 (including discounts).

They also provide personal customized temporary tattoo services. What impresses me is that customized tattoos can also be shipped within 1-2 working days.

Momentary Ink has 6,978 reviews and 4.4 ratings on Trustpilot.

Artwear Tattoo

Temporary sleeve tattoo

With the continuous development and change of tattoo trends, thousands of new designs appear every day. When people want to get a tattoo that requires a lifetime commitment, most people have difficulty making the best choice, and the end result is usually halfway. ArtWear Tattoo was established in 2015 with the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to try a tattoo. The brand was born to solve this problem.

They offer a variety of different styles and sizes, and you can choose from more than 900 designs. Depending on where the tattoos are placed and how often they are cleaned, the brand’s tattoos last for up to 10 days and are suitable for most people (including children over 3 years old). Prices start at US$6.5.

We checked some real appearance renderings, and their tattoos looked very realistic. If you are looking for temporary tattoos under the sleeves and chest, then please check the brand. They created separate categories for these two types, which means they are more focused on this.


Temporary cute cat tattoo

A London-based brand, in 2014, it launched its own temporary tattoo series. The brand is inspired by traditional art, and they are committed to creating cross-border innovative products. PAPERSELF tattoos are exquisite and complex, and most designs have striking accents and rich colors.

Their temporary tattoos are designed and drawn by an illustrator, so many of the appearance styles look very cute. The available tattoos are probably the least of these brands, only about 200 kinds. However, I can guarantee that each of them looks very delicate.

Tattoos are classified as detailed as possible on the website. There are about hundreds of them, so you can quickly find what you want in PAPERSELF.