25 Attractive White Tattoo Designs

Everyone hopes that their tattoo is the most unique one. Creative designs and colorful color combinations may be able to achieve this. You can also consider getting a white tattoo, which is another easier and simpler way. As we all know, it is not a novel tattoo style, but a relatively unique ink color. You can combine it with other colors, such as black or red. You can also apply white to the entire design, the appearance of the tattoo looks more subtle and easy to hide.

In our subconscious mind, tattoos are generally black and gray. Therefore, many people think that white ink is very suitable for people who like low-key. In my opinion, this is not the case. Try to imagine, is the looming design more likely to arouse your curiosity and urge to explore? A white tattoo fits this feature, and it may be more attractive than a color tattoo. So this style of the tattoo can also be personalized. However, if people just glanced inadvertently, then he probably wouldn’t notice it. I think this is also the interesting thing about white tattoos. It is not a compromise choice but can be changed at any time between low-key and ostentatious.

In essence, white tattoos are an ink color, not a special design style. So you can choose from almost all tattoo designs. Some designs can directly apply this color, while other designs require slight modifications. Tattoos are lifelong promises and bold statements, so caution and carefulness are absolutely necessary. Check these design ideas, and they will inspire you to get a perfect white tattoo. From elegant and low-key to gorgeous and eye-catching, what is your style?

25. White moon tattoo

White moon tattoo

The first design is a cute little white moon. In fact, it may only be used for decoration without deep meaning. Or I guess that the graphic symbol has a special meaning for the wearer. In any case, placing it on your fingers or wrist is a smart choice. Because the extremely small size is still eye-catching and bold in these two positions, it will not be easily overlooked while ensuring a low profile.

24. White triangle geometric tattoo

White triangle geometric tattoo

This small triangle tattoo is placed on the arm, and thanks to the white ink, it seems to have been integrated with the skin. The design is minimalist and modern, but it still has deep meaning. The triangle has the best stability and this tattoo symbolizes an indestructible relationship. Therefore, this element is usually used to design family tattoos and friendship tattoos.

23. Black and white bird tattoo

Black and white bird tattoo

Black and white are mutually contrasting colors, which is a classic and well-loved color combination. Use them to create impressive effects. Of course, these two colors can also be blended together. But this design is a test of skill. Fortunately, this bird tattoo does it. It uses the symmetrical design concept. The tattoo as a whole has reached a good balance.

22. White sleeve tattoo

White sleeve tattoo

What an amazing sleeve tattoo, the black ink background, and the white floral design complement each other. It is worth mentioning that the designer also used white ink to create exquisite shadow details for this flower, giving it a sparkling appearance.

21. Abstract Yin yang tattoo

Abstract Yin yang tattoo

The design of this tattoo is inspired by yin and yang symbols, which have a pivotal position in Eastern culture. It symbolizes endless vitality and ultimate tolerance. And yin and yang can also represent spirit, belief, and human behavior. What you can see is that the tattoos designed with them have a visual balance without any blemishes.

20. White and red tattoo

White and red tattoo

White and red are also a combination of contrasting colors. This color matching is not only eye-catching but also gorgeous. Even with the fine line design, the appearance of this tattoo is still eye-catching, thanks to the color combination and medium size.

Compared with black and white tattoos, I think red and white may be more unique. Of course, your tattoo is up to you, and which style you choose depends entirely on your personal preference.

19. Mini white tattoo

Mini white tattoo

The advantage of a mini tattoo is that you can put it in any position, and you can easily hide it when necessary. White makes this style of tattoo design have more choices. Incorporating black into the design is classic and traditional. If you choose color, the appearance is bound to be eye-catching and vibrant. The white ink is somewhere in between, keeping a low profile while the tattoo has a touch of gorgeousness. Of course, please ensure the correct design, thinner lines will not provide you with the same appearance as this design. In my opinion, this tattoo must be loved by young people.

18. White feather tattoo

White feather tattoo

Feather tattoos symbolize freedom and adventurous spirit. It is the best gift that birds give to mankind. Different colors present a completely different visual experience. The white feathers look comfortable and intriguing.

17. Lucky hand white tattoo

Lucky hand white tattoo

In this series of designs, this is one of our favorite tattoos, and the designer’s creativity is amazing. A small size tattoo does not mean that there are no complicated details. This lucky hand symbol is composed of “numerous” thin lines, and it looks mysterious. A lotus-like pattern is also incorporated in the middle of the hand, which not only enriches the design but also gives the tattoo a deeper meaning. There are also two red dots on both sides of the hand, which can be considered as accent designs, making the appearance more fascinating.

16. White sun tattoo with black clouds

White sun tattoo with black clouds

The meaning of this tattoo is very interesting, it symbolizes “clear after rain”, it also represents two completely opposite things. If we only focus on design, black and white are one of the best color combinations for eye-catching tattoos. If you talk about the meaning behind the tattoo, black and white usually make people naturally associate the meaning of yin and yang symbols. When I exchanged this concept with some designers, their ideas are surprisingly consistent with my insights.

15. White zodiac tattoo

White zodiac tattoo

This constellation tattoo is fun and uses colors for the stars to highlight their importance in the design. The white ink lines are used as an auxiliary design, connecting them naturally with an elegant appearance.

14. White snake tattoo

White snake tattoo

In Eastern culture, the white snake is considered the most spiritual. There is no redundant design for this tattoo. The detailed depiction, red color, and a shining star, all the elements are so perfect together.

13. White realistic flower tattoo

White realistic flower tattoo

This floral tattoo perfectly presents the elegant temperament, and thanks to the white ink, it looks so realistic. The light blue ink highlights the unique charm of women.

12. Mixed white tattoo

Mixed white tattoo

Mixed designs have become very popular in recent years. If you want to get an absolutely unique creative tattoo, this way can meet your needs. Not only that, you can easily incorporate your personal style into your design. This tattoo combines white and black, while it also combines realism and minimalism. The overlapping design allows the two elements and colors to blend together naturally.

11. White sunflower tattoo

White sunflower tattoo

Spiral thin lines make this white sunflower tattoo fun and creative. This design is special, if you keep staring at it, you will find that your attention will be trapped in a “vortex”. Two layers of petals make this little sunflower alive and inspiring. It is wise to place the tattoo on the collarbone, and you can decide whether to show or hide it at any time. In theory, the white tattoo on the collarbone fades relatively slowly.

10. White musical note tattoo

White musical note tattoo

This tattoo combines notes and hearts. White is a pure color without any impurities, so this design symbolizes a pure love for music. Although finger tattoos fade faster, they also mean bold statements and show off.

9. Minimalist white tattoo

Minimalist white tattoo

Creating a minimalist thin-line white tattoo may not be as simple as you think. We need some practical design skills. Because of a little carelessness, it will eventually show the effect of “disappearing”. This is a terrible thing, right? Let’s make things simple, first please exclude the smaller tattoo size, and then place it in a prominent position on the body. Like this idea, it is subtle but at the same time visually striking.

8. Cute white dog tattoo

Cute white dog tattoo

This white dog tattoo has rich layers and it looks very real. The designer also incorporated some pink into it to give it some dreamy and cute effects. In this design, black ink played a huge role. It not only outlines a subtle outline but also adds some delicate details to the design. Of course, please don’t ignore those miniature and abstract flowers and grasses. When these elements are combined, this tattoo finally presents a precious scene that is unforgettable for the wearer.

7. White floral tattoo with black background

White floral tattoo with black background

This tattoo is similar to the sleeve tattoos of this series, and they both share the same design concept. For those who cannot wear sleeve tattoos but at the same time like this style, this design is a good starting point.

6. White rose tattoo

White rose tattoo

The white rose symbolizes loyal love. It is noble and extremely precious. This tattoo can be used to express a lifelong commitment to love.

5. White Letter Tattoo

White Letter Tattoo

The correct font style is the key to creating a perfect white letter tattoo look. It should be modern, simple, and uncomplicated, and you should avoid using handwriting style as much as possible. Not only that, the font should have thicker lines. If you can, just like this idea, I also suggest that you simplify the text and use the first letter as a substitute for the entire word. This design method is not only beautiful but also full of mystery.

4. White wave tattoo

White wave tattoo

This white tattoo design is fun. Unlike all wave tattoos, its direction is opposite. So you can see that a small moon element seems to be incorporated into this design.

3. White butterfly tattoo

White butterfly tattoo

There is no doubt that butterfly tattoos are one of the people’s favorite design types. When the design is combined with white ink, its appearance is more feminine. It is worth mentioning that the details of this tattoo are just right.

2. White Daisy Tattoo

White Daisy Tattoo

Take a look at this tattoo design, does it make your heartbeat? The perfect match of white and orange, the appearance is not only cute but also eye-catching. Not only that, thanks to a reasonable color combination, this white daisy tattoo looks so realistic.

1. White star tattoo

White star tattoo

The delicate white star tattoo gleams on the skin. This design may be the most minimalist, but it is still inspiring.

At the end

White tattoos are exciting! Although the color of this ink fades faster, it still can’t stop people’s love. We only need to go through the correct maintenance and care, the actual situation is not as bad as imagined. When you go out, you should apply sunscreen to the naked white tattoo. Because sunlight (ultraviolet rays) is one of the biggest factors that cause rapid white fading. At the same time, please consider placing white tattoos on body parts that are not prone to wear and infrequent contact with water, such as arms and wrists.