5 Different green outfits worth trying in 2020

In 2020, green will be one of the best and most popular colors of the year. We’ve found some traces of this trend from street photography by fashion shows and fashion bloggers. In fact, the popularity of a certain color will quickly sweep through the whole fashion products, such as accessories, Limited sales of handbags and clothing.

Today we are going to explore the choice of different kinds of green clothing. Most women like it but hate it. We all know why we like green. However, the reason I hate the color is that green clothes are really hard to match.

Even if you weren’t interested in this color before, this year, I strongly recommend that you try Green so that you can keep up with the trend. In my opinion, summer is the most suitable season for wearing green clothes. Green can be said to be the most representative color of life, so it has an attribute of youth and vitality.

But green is also called the most difficult color for ladies because of its high saturation and purity, and the distribution of this color on the color plate can be divided into warm color system and cold color system. A little careless, will conflict with other colors, so that the overall color matching looks very bad.

However, today I will help you overcome this color. In my opinion, green is not because it is difficult to match, but because you have not found the most suitable “exclusive green”. So today, I’m going to have a couple of different greens that will be popular this year for ladies. For your reference and choice, let’s start.

1. Lake green

First of all, we will introduce a more versatile green –  lake green. This color is very friendly to any skin color and can be selected by women of different ages. It is a color that all women can master. Lake green is actually a dark color, so it has a similar “skinny” effect to black. If you are slightly fat, I strongly recommend that you try this color.

Green outfit

However, due to the weak color tendency of lake green, it is easy to appear dark when wearing lake green clothes alone. Therefore, we should choose white shoes with higher lightness or bright color clothes for overall collocation, which will make us look younger.

2. Cotton green

For young women, a little careless will wear the lake green clothing very bad feeling, so please try cotton green color. Cotton Green has a lower lightness than candy green, but it has a higher saturation than gray green. It is a softer and younger color. It can also make people look younger than Lake green.

Green outfit

When we match cotton green, the easiest way is to match it with white. Because in order to make out the color of cotton green, a large amount of milk white will be added to the green dye, so the color purity of cotton green is relatively low. If it is combined with some other disordered colors, it will give cotton green a gray visual feeling, and it is difficult to highlight the advanced sense of this color. But if you match the white clothing, you can skillfully set off the foreign style of cotton green through the brightness of pure white.

3. Lemon green

Green outfit

Although it is difficult to match the green clothing, once you choose a suitable green, the ability to attract attention is beyond doubt. Therefore, for high-end and fashionable ladies, we highly recommend the green of lime green. Lime green is the representative color in the candy color system. It has high lightness and purity. It can set off the skin color of people’s face more white and transparent. Therefore, the applicability of this color is also very broad. Ladies can try it boldly.

Green outfit

When we match lemon green clothing, it is better to have a certain echo in the overall vision. For example, the lady above chose a skirt decorated with bright green stripes, so as to create a certain color echo for the whole dress, and let the color of lime green more skillfully integrate into the overall collocation. And the ladies below are more intelligent in choosing the pants with lemon yellow pattern, which makes the lightness and tone of the whole dress more uniform and more fashionable.

4. Green apple

If you want to be the brightest person on the street, try green apple green. This kind of color is through the color of green, has a strong visual impact, can effectively grabs people’s attention.

Green outfit

For the dynamic green apple color, we need some external support to wear more fashionable. For example, this lady cleverly chose the green T-shirt with black stripes to increase the sense of detail. Besides, she also chose washed denim black sun hat and black Martin boots to neutralize the impact of green apple color, so that it can be integrated into the overall shape.

5. Grass green

Finally, the most popular green for fashion bloggers is grass green. Grass green is one of the most frequently used colors in green this year. This kind of color only needs two pigments to blend with each other to produce this kind of exotic grass green easily. It is also because of its simple production process, so the green clothes that women see most in fashion stores are mainly grass green.

Green outfit

This also leads to the high repetition rate of grass green clothing. At this time, we can pay more attention to the pattern design or pattern design of clothing. For example, it is a good choice to choose grass green clothing with diamond decorative pattern, or choose T-shirt with special style design, which can reduce the repetition rate, which is very smart.

Do you still think green clothes are not easy to wear? It’s just because you don’t find a “unique green” for yourself. Choose the most popular green of the year, and you’ll never make a mistake. Fashion and easy to match, try it!