Luxury watches will be redefined: customization from Porsche Design

With the spread of information, and more and more women began to learn about car brands. When most ladies see a Porsche car, they will be deeply attracted by his exterior design and brand culture. Nowadays, Porsche sports cars are no longer exclusive to men. More and more women, when financial ability is allowed, they gradually choose to buy Porsche cars, and most people regard this brand as a luxury in cars.

Of course we are not talking about cars today, but luxury watches. The watch is also a very important decoration for ladies. In the watch field, there are many brands that can be called luxury, but when Porsche watches appeared, everything in the industry changed.

Porsche watches also define themselves as a luxury, but unlike regular luxury watches, he reduces the requirements for personal customization (mainly in terms of price). In the past, the customization of luxury watches was only something that a few top rich people could touch, but today, Porsche brings them to you.

Porsche luxury watch

Comprehensive Porsche custom luxury watches

The customization of Porsche watches comes from the Porsche sports car 911 model. Starting from July this year, they can customize their own watches through the website of the luxury brand Porsche Design controlled by the Porsche family. Through a series of custom design options, consumers can Ensure that the custom watch can maintain integrity with the design of the Porsche sports car.

This is a brand new customized watch service project launched by Porsche Design on the basis of its watch product line “Chronotimer Series 1”.

According to the introduction of the website, you can customize the various parts of the watch through an online watch configurator on the Porsche Design App, including the case and bezel, dial and hands, and strap And stitching, rotor and movement, and personalized laser engraving.

These customization items reach 9 items, which is absolutely 100% comprehensive customization. And it is worth noting that the materials for these customized projects are entirely from Porsche’s 911 sports cars. So, in other words, if you own a Porsche 911 sports car at the same time, you can perfectly match the watch according to the color and material of your car to achieve 100% design consistency.

As multiple parts are involved, and each part has a variety of colors and materials, Porsche Design estimates that there are a total of 1.5 million different configurations that can be applied to watch customization. According to reports, the colors, materials and decorative stitching of these watches will all come from automobile production lines.

The production cycle of the custom watch series is 12 weeks, and all orders will be produced by Porsche Design’s watch manufacturer in Switzerland. At present, Porsche Design’s German factory has begun to receive orders for custom watches, and the project is expected to land in the US and UK markets in September 2020.

About Porsche watches

The design of luxury watches is very important, but most people who come into contact with these luxury watches expect to know the story behind the brand. For Porsche watches, this important information is also essential, let us take a look.

In fact, the studio responsible for the development and design of watches under the Porsche Design brand is called Porsche Design Timepieces AG, but the production is located in a Swiss watch manufacturer. The promotion and marketing of Porsche Design watch products are usually handled by the company’s German headquarters.

Porsche Design is a luxury brand under the Porsche Design Group, which is controlled by the Porsche family company Porsche SE. The Porsche Design Group was established in November 2003 and is headquartered in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

The company’s main core asset is the Porsche Design Studio in Austria, which is responsible for the development and sales of nine luxury products under the Porsche Design brand, including fashion, jewelry accessories, leather goods, watches, etc.; at the same time, the design studio also provides industrial and product design services to other companies in the luxury goods sector.

Different product lines under Porsche Design are often scattered in different countries in Europe, and Switzerland is an important exporter of high-end watches in the world. In fact, the history of Porsche watches can be traced back to earlier.

Porsche design watch P6510

In the past, Porsche designed and produced the watch number P6000. The world’s first black Porsche chronograph watch dates back to the P6510 which came out in 1972. However, Porsche Design launched a new chronograph series “Chronotimer Series 1” in July 2015.

Of course, if you can’t wait for the 12-week customization cycle, Porsche also provides some watches that you can buy right away. These watches are divided into 6 series. If you are interested in this, you can directly visit the Porsche Design website.

In recent years, customized services have made a comeback in the personal luxury goods market, especially in luxury goods companies such as clothing, leather accessories and shoes. Providing customers with personalized customized product designs has become an important way for brands to attract and retain customers.

However, this is not very common in the field of luxury watches. There is currently no high-end watch brand that provides customers with customized services of the size planned by Porsche Design, and it is worth mentioning that based on this It can be matched with the Porsche 911 luxury sports car.

After reviewing the design of the Porsche watch, the one that impressed me the most, as Roland Heller from Porsche said:”WHAT WE ARE DOING HERE IS, WITHOUT DOUBT, A REVOLUTION IN THE LUXURY WATCH SEGMENT. I DON’T REMEMBER EVER SEEING ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE.”