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30 Unique Aries Tattoos (Ideas & Designs)

As an Aries, you must be looking for unusual tattoos, and in that case, take a look at the designs and ideas in this guide that will excite you.

Aries is the perfect partner, a great mentor, and an inspiring opinion leader. This zodiac sign also has shortcomings, one of which is excessive competition. Aries wants and strives to be frontrunners in every way. Based on this situation, we have prepared for you unique designs that resonate perfectly with this zodiac sign.

1. Bold Aries Symbol Tattoo

A simple yet bold Aries symbol is definitely eye-catching as an arm tattoo. Plus, the design is unisex, which means that it can be used by both men and women.

Bold Aries Symbol Tattoo

2. Shiny Small Aries Ram Tattoo

Usually a ram tattoo is cool and masculine, but it can also be cute and sparkly. A small design and use thin black lines around the ram to add some glow. There is no doubt that this tattoo is designed for women.

Shiny Small Aries Ram Tattoo

3. Chic Mini Aries Tattoo

Any stripped down pattern is chic. This small ram head tattoo is one of the best examples.

Chic Mini Aries Tattoo

4. Natural Aries tattoo

This Aries symbol tattoo looks like it was carved out of wood, so we think this design is full of natural power.

Natural Aries tattoo

5. Black Aries Tattoo

This black tattoo is one of the best in this guide and is outstanding in both style and detailing. Also, the smaller size allows you to place it on any body position, the arms are the most popular and the wrists are fine too.

Black Aries Tattoo

6. Handsome Ram Tattoo

Black splashes enhance the ram’s effect and make the design more attractive and visually striking. No doubt, everyone will notice this Aries tattoo and be blown away by its stunning appearance.

Handsome Ram Tattoo

7. Mixed Aries Tattoo

Basically, multiple patterns are mixed together to make the design look complex and large in size, so the arms, back or legs are the best places to put this tattoo. In addition, the meaning of tattoos has become more profound and personal. A tattoo with a truly personal style is just that.

Mixed Aries Tattoo

8. Skull Aries Ram Tattoo

Since Aries is the first sign, the ram skull means reincarnation and rebirth. Designs like this do not imply negativity and darkness, but instead represent tenacious vitality.

Skull Aries Ram Tattoo

9. Ram and Lion Tattoo

Lion tattoos symbolizes passion and strength and fits perfectly with the Aries personality. So, the combination of ram skull and male lion enhances the tattoo look and meaning all round.

Ram and Lion Tattoo

10. Aries Girl Tattoo

If you are need a 100% feminine Aries tattoo, this design is made for you. It is worth mentioning that heart patterns are included in this design, and they make this tattoo even more adorable.

Aries Girl Tattoo