30 Unique Aries Tattoos (Ideas & Designs)

11. Infinity with Aries Symbol Tattoo

Infinity symbol symbolizes eternity and cycle, so when this symbol is combined with the Aries symbol, their symbolic meaning becomes even stronger.

Infinity with Aries Symbol Tattoo

12. Ram with Plant Tattoo

Rustic plants make a cool ram skull tattoo look elegant and this design is more suitable for women.

Ram with Plant Tattoo

13. Aries Star Tattoo

What an energetic Aries tattoo! This design is great for those who love colorful style art. Also, with celestial bodies and stars included in this tattoo, it doesn’t look cliché at all.

Aries Star Tattoo

14. Ram with Floral Tattoo

This is another Ram Aries tattoo for women, plus it looks so realistic and gorgeous.

Ram with Floral Tattoo

15. Ram with Star Tattoo

Well, we seem to be wrapping around ram tattoos all the time, but this design is definitely worth sharing with you. Half ram head, half star river, this tattoo is absolutely impressive. Plus, it overall looks like a giant horoscope symbol.

Ram with Star Tattoo

16. Minimalist Aries Woman Portrait Tattoo

This portrait outline tattoo is perfect for those who love minimalist style art, it looks simple but not monotonous.

Minimalist Aries Woman Portrait Tattoo

17. Aries Tattoo on Upper Arm

The upper arm is one of the most popular places to get a tattoo because it’s painless but eye-catching. If you’re going to have your Aries tattoo here, I highly recommend the ram skull pattern. Of course, a bold symbol design is the second best option.

Aries Tattoo on Upper Arm

18. Aries Goddess Tattoo

The more detailed and refined the design, the more complete the tattoo look. However, you need to pay double the time and more money.

Aries Goddess Tattoo

19. Aries Tarot Card Tattoo

This is a very cute yet mysterious design. Although this is a small tattoo, it contains a lot of elements, symbols, stars, moon, and the word “Aries.”

Aries Tarot Card Tattoo

20. Aries Ram Tattoo For Women

This tattoo is similar to the fourteenth design, but it is a small tattoo. For women, I recommend this design more.

Aries Ram Tattoo For Women

21. Black and White Ram Tattoo

Black and white tattoos are trendy and interesting. Check out this tattoo, this classic color combination makes the ram look so vivid.

Black and White Ram Tattoo

22. Aries Cat Tattoo

This is a personalized Aries tattoo design where she combines her favorite thing (cat) with ram horns. This creative design requires extensive experience, so make sure to do it with the assistance of an artist.

Aries Cat Tattoo

23. Fun Aries Symbol Tattoo

Why use only lines to design the Aries symbol instead of adding something else, look at this tattoo, how much fun it is. The patterns used by designers are not complicated, they are just a flower and colorful dots.

Fun Aries Symbol Tattoo

24. Aries Symbol Tattoo with Flame

Aries people are fiery, so the combination of fire and symbols is perfect. Also, the flame uses red ink to make this mini tattoo not overlooked by others.

Aries Symbol Tattoo with Flame

25. Aries Word Tattoo

While patterns are attractive, text makes it easier to state something. If you’re worried about word tattoos being too generic, add just the right pattern like this design! You can try, flames, star maps, and ram horns and more. However, a special font can also get rid of the monotony.

Aries Word Tattoo

26. Aries and Aquarius Tattoo

Tattoos with two different zodiac signs usually signify human connection or missing someone. The exact symbolic meaning behind this design may only be known to that person.

Aries and Aquarius Tattoo

27. Aries Tattoo on Wrist

Wrist tattoos are one of the favorite tattoos for women and a nice small design of the Aries symbol with a birthday flower fits perfectly here.

Aries Tattoo on Wrist

28. Aries Tattoo on Shoulder

Aries tattoos on the shoulders are effective in enhancing femininity. Also, the small tattoo here is also eye-catching, it declares your zodiac sign to everyone.

Aries Tattoo on Shoulder

29. Abstract Aries Tattoo

There is a mysterious power behind the constellation, and the abstract style goes well with this type of tattoo.

Abstract Aries Tattoo

30. Colorful Aries Tattoo

Aries people are full of energy. Colorful tattoos perfectly explain this character trait.

Colorful Aries Tattoo