25 Best Taurus Tattoo Ideas – Meaning & Design Guide

From minimalist to gorgeous, these Taurus tattoos are tailored for this zodiac sign.

Taurus is ruled by the goddess Venus, although this sign is not good at self-expression and does not like adventure. But they have a unique perspective on everything. Patience and poise are the traits of Taurus, and they are seen as reliable companions. Furthermore, Taurus does not want to be in the spotlight.

Based on the above, minimalist designs and small tattoos are easier to capture the hearts of Taurus. However, colorful medium tattoos are also included in this guide, and they can enhance your appeal.

1. Taurus and Planet Tattoo

If you think a modern symbol tattoo can’t quite state Taurus, adding a planet associated with this zodiac sign to the design is worth a shot. Furthermore, this way makes the tattoo look gorgeous and unique.

Taurus and Planet Tattoo

2. Realistic Taurus Tattoo

A realistic bull tattoo looks like a stunning piece of art and it will impress everyone. Before inking, though, seek out the best tattoo artist near you, as this design is not as simple as it seems.

Realistic Taurus Tattoo

3. Taurus Constellation Tattoo

Constellation tattoos have obvious advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that they are great for those with a low profile, the disadvantage is that only those who know the zodiac will know which constellation the design represents. In other words, declaring your zodiac sign to others through a tattoo like this can be a little difficult.

Taurus Constellation Tattoo

4. Taurus Tattoo on Hand

Everyone’s personality is different, even people with the same zodiac sign. Taurus is composed and low-key, but someone also wants to stand out from the crowd. If you’re the latter, consider getting a hand tattoo.

Taurus Tattoo on Hand

5. Taurus Tribal Tattoo

The sense of mystery and power presented by tribal tattoos is perfect for men. In addition, twisting the lines to make it feminine, this art style is also suitable for women.

Taurus Tribal Tattoo

6. Taurus Symbol Tattoo For Men

This Taurus symbol looks cool, unique, luxurious, and has a nice mechanical and futuristic feel. No doubt, this gigantic horoscope tattoo is designed for men. The arm is not the only body part where this tattoo is placed, we also recommend the back and legs.

Taurus Tattoo For Men

7. Taurus Symbol Small Tattoo

This small and detailed tattoo design is suitable for both men and women. Also, the purple star tattoo in the design makes the symbol stand out.

Taurus Symbol Small Tattoo

8. Black and Grey Taurus Tattoo

The black and grey style makes this bull tattoo look unique and softens its sense of power. I mean, women can use this design too.

Black and Grey Taurus Tattoo

9. Thin Line Taurus Symbol Tattoo

The idea that less is more is deeply rooted in people’s minds, which is why thin line tattoos are always in vogue. The super simple design can match any style, especially when you want to re-ink around a tattoo like this, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Thin Line Taurus Symbol Tattoo

10. Taurus Goddess Tattoo

This is a completely feminine Taurus tattoo with the goddess figure being the main motif in the design. In addition, symbols and constellation diagrams are included in the design to make the tattoo theme more explicit.

Taurus Goddess Tattoo

11. Taurus and Stars Tattoo

In fact, bull tattoos are indeed somewhat masculine. However, adding stars to a design can make it look a little more feminine. Take a look at the alignment of the stars, which grouped together is the Taurus horoscope.

Taurus and Stars Tattoo

12. Taurus and Sun Tattoo

This design with a sun tattoo is made for men, and the symbolism behind it mainly emphasizes strength and steadiness.

Taurus and Sun Tattoo

13. Minimalist Taurus Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are on everyone’s radar. Also, thanks to the size, they can be placed on any body part. Of course, most people will choose the wrist.

Minimalist Taurus Tattoo

14. Bull Skull Tattoo

This tattoo looks very handsome, and people may feel the breath of death and darkness. However, on the contrary, the design symbolizes vitality.

Bull Skull Tattoo

15. Taurus Tattoo For Women

This unique bull symbol tattoo consists of three patterns. They are moon, sun and flowers. Needless to say, this design is most suitable for women.

Taurus Tattoo For Women

16. Floral and Bull Head Outline Tattoo

The beauty of outline tattoos is that they clearly convey to people what the pattern represents through simple lines. The artist added flowers to this tattoo in order to make the design more suitable for women.

Floral and Bull Head Outline Tattoo

17. Bull Tattoo With Flower

Power, elegance and flamboyance perfectly coexist. This is what this Taurus tattoo wants to express to people.

Bull with Flower Tattoo

18. Geometric Taurus Tattoo

The sharp geometry enhances the strength of this bull. Such a design should not be hidden, so apart from the thigh, the arm is also the best body part to place it.

Geometric Taurus Tattoo

19. Colorful Taurus Symbol Tattoo

Pure symbol tattoo monotony? Color will make it look interesting.

Colorful Taurus Symbol Tattoo

20. Taurus Tattoo on Upper Arm

A tattoo on the upper arm is definitely an eye-catcher, and if you want the effect to be more intense, consider a colorful design. This Taurus tattoo is stunning and the design incorporates a black bull, an orange gradient chrysanthemum, and a Chinese knot symbolizing luck.

Taurus Tattoo on Upper Arm

21. Mixed Taurus Tattoo

When you want to make a tattoo somewhere between simple and complex, mixing multiple minimalist patterns can easily do it. At the heart of this design is the Taurus sign, followed by the moon, planets, stars, and a star map throughout the design.

Mixed Taurus Tattoo

22. Cute Taurus Tattoo

This small gradient tattoo is very creative and cute, featuring a lovely pair of bull horns on the planet Taurus.

Cute Taurus Tattoo

23. Taurus Tattoo on Back

Back tattoos can be bold, I mean, the design should be as large and complex as possible.

Taurus Tattoo on Back

24. Birthday Flower and Taurus Tattoo

This tattoo looks harmonious with the small but eye-catching bold black Taurus symbol perfectly matched with the large but minimalist birthday flower.

Birthday Flower and Taurus Tattoo

25. Micro Abstract Taurus Tattoo

The micro-abstract style makes the bull look feminine and mysterious, but doesn’t make this tattoo incomprehensible. The way it’s designed is ingenious, and I think only an artist with a deep understanding of this style could design something so perfect.

Micro Abstract Taurus Tattoo