27 Simple & Easy Fall Decorating Ideas to Create a Beautiful Home

As the leaves fall one by one and the plants gradually turn yellow, it is time to incorporate the outdoor fall atmosphere into the home. I think that seasonal theme decoration is never difficult. It can be easily done by matching colors “correctly” and using popular elements of the season. You don’t have to pursue complicated decoration schemes, because once it enters autumn, it usually means that the most important festival of the year is coming. In my opinion, your more energy should probably be spent on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations.

Nevertheless, fall home decoration cannot be ignored. We hope this thing should be easy and fun, so these simple ideas are for you. I believe that they can give you an easy way to create a beautiful and warm home. Now you just need to check them for inspiration and find fall decoration designs that can resonate with you. We know that a perfect appearance requires an attractive design. You can see all kinds of pumpkins, lattice styles, and floral decorations with different atmospheres.

1. Flower Sign Board

Flower Sign Board
IG: twigandstone

Traditional sign boards are good because good content can be inspiring. If you need a signboard design that can provide the most decorative effect, this idea may be right for you. You can choose to go to a nearby store to buy it, or DIY it with your family.

2. Pumpkin Pillow

Pumpkin Pillow
IG: moderntexashouse

This comfortable and soft pumpkin pillow will replace traditional pillows, and you can use it to decorate your fall living room or bedroom. I think it is the perfect product because it combines practicality and a beautiful appearance.

3. Fall wreath

Fall wreath
IG: sbkliving

You have many fall wreath styles to choose from, but I still highly recommend this minimalist wreath in neutral colors. I think it can better match other colors and designs, such as eye-catching bright flowers.

4. Checkered Pillow

Checkered Pillow
IG: withlavenderandgrace

Don’t you like orange pillows with pumpkin patterns? Or do you want to incorporate more unique things into the fall decoration? Then you should not miss this plaid pillow.

5. Fall bathroom

Fall bathroom
IG: our_sweet_haven

Bathroom decorations are usually overlooked, but from now on we will make this area beautiful and attractive. If you want to bring the outdoor fall atmosphere into the bathroom, you only need a large pot of dried flowers to complete it. Although this kind of decoration may affect some practicality, I think it is worthwhile for the sake of beauty.

6. Checkered tablecloth

Checkered tablecloth
IG: beccadutkiewicz

A pastel-colored checkered tablecloth can easily create a fall look for your restaurant. Of course, the decoration kit on the table is also indispensable.

7. Checkered Wallpaper

Checkered Wallpaper
IG: ahousewebuilt

The appearance of this bathroom is epic. I think the decorative effect of plaid wallpaper is “thousands of times” better than dried flowers.

8. Hay decor

Hay decor
IG: truemanstreasures

“Unorganized” hay can not only give you a fall atmosphere but also make your decoration look free and personalized. Hay is available everywhere, so it is a product with almost no cost.

9. Cozy fall bedroom

Cozy fall bedroom
IG: rebecca87enuj

Yellow is the soul color of fall, this color is not suitable for large-scale use in bedroom decoration. A comfortable atmosphere requires strict control of the ratio of colors. This idea will inspire you.

10. Modern style

Modern style
IG: ebenezer_market

Only a minimalist text print is needed to create a modern fall decoration. Yes! It’s that simple.

11. White theme

White theme
IG: pacountrycottage

White fall decorations will give people a fresh and natural appearance, and this decoration design is full of elegance.

12. Early fall decor

Early fall decor
IG: littlehouseonchestnut

Early fall decoration should not be complicated, it seems that a knitted blanket can be done!

13. Minimalist fall bedroom

Minimalist fall bedroom
IG: myhomebodylifeblog

It is easy to create a fall minimalist bedroom. Knitted blankets, pillows with autumn colors, and a pair of plaid pillows are perfectly adequate.

14. Creative fall decor

Creative fall decor
IG: cosyacademia

Unexpected creative decoration design, your sweaters stacked together can be used to decorate your fall bedroom.

15. Fall entryway 

Fall entryway
IG: athomewithjessidee

This decorative design may be textbook-level, it contains almost all the popular elements and the “correct” fall colors.

16. Pink theme

Pink theme
IG: beautifulinspire.co

The pink fall porch looks young and full of vitality. This color can make your family and guests feel a more warm atmosphere.

17. Fall table decor

Fall table decor
IG: sweethomevalley

There are many options for table decoration in the fall, but I prefer this idea. The reason is that it ensures that the area has an autumnal atmosphere while maintaining the simplicity of the overall appearance.

18. Fireplace fall decor

Fireplace fall decor
IG: bridgewaydesigns

The fireplace is probably the most eye-catching presence in the living room, so I suggest you focus on decorating it!

19. Golden Late fall

Golden Late fall
IG: ivygreyinteriors

When late fall comes, gold becomes one of the best colors, it can create a magnificent decorative appearance for you.

20. Gorgeous Pumpkin

Gorgeous Pumpkin
IG: forpetessakepottery

Pumpkins with prints can make your fall home decoration more fun and impressive.

21. Knitted pumpkin

Knitted pumpkin
IG: anchors.awayco

When decorating in autumn, you may need to use a lot of pumpkins and gourds. So I recommend that you try to use a variety of materials to make the decoration look more “rich”.

22. Wheat Ears

Wheat Ears
IG: the_cole_farmhouse

Hay or dried flowers? Or you still have wheat ears to choose from.

23. Art Painting

Art Painting
IG: vintagearttv

An artistic fall painting can give you unexpected decorative effects. If your home is retro or country style, then it is definitely the ideal choice.

24. Fall purple decor

Fall purple decor
IG: our_sweet_haven

Some plants will turn yellow, others will turn purple. If you happen to incorporate purple into your fall decoration design, you should now know how to do it.

25. Fall corner shelf decor

Fall corner shelf decor
IG: anoblestyle

Some hay and the rich texture of black vases can decorate the shelf in the corner to make it a small highlight in the living room.

26. Early holiday atmosphere

Early holiday atmosphere
IG: decorsteals

Fall means Halloween and Christmas are coming, you can decorate the Christmas tree to feel the holiday atmosphere as early as possible.

27. Fall floral decor

Fall floral decor
IG: dugansgirls

This bright flower is very suitable for decorating the interior in fall, and bright colors can help people eliminate negative emotions.