20 Best Christmas Bathroom Decor Ideas to Create a Lively Atmosphere

Decorating the rooms of your home one by one is one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas, and this activity must appear on the festival list. However, many people seem to have reached a consensus, and they will skip the bathroom by coincidence. If you want to get a complete Christmas atmosphere and move between rooms without a big difference in feeling. This year, you must make some changes. It’s time to start preparing and decorating the bathroom for Christmas!

If you want to rank the difficulty of Christmas decoration in different rooms, I think the bathroom is the simplest and easiest one. Such as replacing beautiful Christmas shower curtains, themed hand towels, and bath mats. At the same time, do you still want to make the bathroom look vibrant? Elegant flowers and plants are your most powerful “decorative weapons.” It’s never difficult to create an eye-catching and impressive Christmas bathroom. It can be easily done by using a lot of red decoration items or discarding some practicality to obtain a rich appearance. There are more great decoration designs for you to use, we have prepared some of the best ideas for you, they will make your bathroom look new and fresh during the Christmas season!

1. Elegant Christmas bathroom

What is the simplest decoration scheme to make the Christmas bathroom look elegant? The answer is shown in the picture. A minimalist green wreath with a white bow may be sufficient. Especially when the bathroom is decorated with white as the main color, the effect will be more exciting.

Elegant Christmas bathroom
Source: instagram.com/dailefarrell/

2. Luxurious appearance

There is no doubt that golden Christmas decorations will give your bathroom a luxurious appearance. Dark tones are suitable for those who like low-key, while normal tones are easy to create eye-catching focus.

Luxurious appearance
Source: instagram.com/sunsetstitches/

3. Candle

If you want to make the bathroom have a warm and romantic subtle atmosphere at night, then candles should suit you better than string lights. Of course, the two are not in conflict. Using them at the same time can give this room a ton of Christmas atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that the candles are also more suitable for decorating retro-style bathrooms.

Source: instagram.com/berkshire.build/

4. Rustic Christmas bathroom

Wooden decorative objects and elegant plants may be the best combination to give a rustic bathroom a Christmas atmosphere. Because the color matching of this combination is often neutral, they will not spoil the existing appearance.

Rustic Christmas bathroom
Source: instagram.com/careyscountrygarden/

5. Effective use of space

For small bathrooms, the window sill is one of the best areas for Christmas decorations. It does not destroy the practicality, but also integrates into the festive atmosphere, which is the best of both worlds!

Effective use of space
Source: instagram.com/littlems.magnolia/

6. Red

Incorporating some red can make a neutral bathroom look refreshed and festive in an instant. Finding the best visual effect is important, and you need to make multiple attempts.

Source: instagram.com/beyond_gray/

7. Create focus

It is best to create a focal point in a large bathroom to declare the decorative theme. The bathtub is one of the best areas.

Create focus
Source: instagram.com/oh.decor/

8. Christmas tree in the bathroom

If your bathroom has enough space, there is no reason not to add a beautiful and charming Christmas tree.

Christmas tree in the bathroom
Source: instagram.com/berkshire.build/

9. Christmas decoration of bathroom mirror

Are you looking for the best starting point for Christmas bathroom decoration? I strongly recommend that you start with the bathroom mirror!

Christmas decoration of bathroom mirror
Source: instagram.com/moderntexasliving/

10. Lighting atmosphere

As we all know, the night atmosphere in the Christmas bathroom is so important. A light string with a unique shape is the best helper to create an atmosphere. It has many advantages, such as being cheap, safe, and can be used many times.

Lighting atmosphere
Source: instagram.com/burrowandme/

11. Modern Christmas bathroom

The decor of many bathrooms is almost modern. For Christmas, green plants may be indispensable, but other decorative items should have as low-key colors as possible. Such color matching will not mess up the overall appearance. Of course, it is worth trying to incorporate some red.

Modern Christmas bathroom
Source: instagram.com/love_create_celebrate/

12. Blue

Guess what? For themed decoration, some relatively special colors can create a striking appearance. This is not an exaggeration, this idea is the best proof. And thanks to the printed vases, this bathroom has some medieval retro style.

Source: instagram.com/biele.pl/

13. Rich

If you are willing to sacrifice some practicality, Christmas bathroom decoration with a rich appearance is not difficult.

Source: instagram.com/la_maison__epanoui/

14. Handmade wreath

This cheap and beautiful handmade wreath is one of the most worthy holiday decoration items to try. Whether it is a bathroom or other room, it can be easily integrated.

Handmade wreath
Source: instagram.com/aprettyfix/

15. Themed towels and bath mats

If you just want to add some Christmas atmosphere to the bathroom, themed hand towels and bath mats are one of the cheap and good-quality decorative items. You can prepare more than two different sets to refresh the appearance of the bathroom at any time.

Themed towels and bath mats
Source: instagram.com/meatball.mom/

16. Creative Christmas bathroom

When your family and friends open the bathroom door and see this bathtub full of gifts, I believe they will feel excited and happy.

Creative Christmas bathroom
Source: instagram.com/mossbanklane/

17. Theme shower curtain

Changing a Christmas-themed shower curtain will not take you too much time, but it makes the bathroom immediately enter the Christmas season.

Theme shower curtain
Source: instagram.com/myhomemyadventure/

18. Nature

Only some elegant plants are needed to create a natural and harmonious Christmas bathroom look.

Source: instagram.com/revealmydiy/

19. Unique decorations

If you want to create a Christmas look that is significantly different from other people’s bathrooms. Maybe you should abandon the use of plants as countertop decorations and use something that looks relatively special.

Unique decorations
Source: instagram.com/durasupreme/

20. Holiday atmosphere

The festive atmosphere that everyone needs is completely different, if you need more, this idea will give you inspiration. In short, please use red decoration items as much as possible, so that the Christmas atmosphere will completely envelop you in this room.

Holiday atmosphere
Source: instagram.com/christmasismerry/