22 Gorgeous Christmas Hair Color Ideas

Christmas hair color can easily refresh your personal appearance and create a stunning festival personal image for you. And it will maximize the festive atmosphere for you. As we all know, it forms a perfect festival “suit” with Christmas manicure and makeup. Early December is the perfect time to pick and change your unique hair color because this moment marks the official start of the Christmas season.

In my opinion, it is worth more time and effort than nails and makeup. Many hair color designs with eye-catching and rich appearance effects come in multiple colors, as do Christmas-themed hair colors. For many people, when it comes to custom color combinations, the possibility of error multiplies. Fortunately, we have prepared some ideas for you! They can provide you with guidance and give you inspiration. You can copy it directly, or add your own style to your favorite hair color idea.

1. Pink candy canes

Candy-themed hair color combinations are very popular during Christmas. Whether it is eye-catching or unique, it can easily satisfy you.

Pink candy canes
Source: instagram.com/hairtalkusa/

2. Red, green, and white

The combination of red and green has a strong visual impact. In fact, this color combination is not suitable for everyone, especially those who are obsessed with low-key looks. If you don’t want to miss this color combination, but also want to make it look softer. I think blending in white is the optimal solution.

Red, green and white
Source: instagram.com/jackieinmanhair/

3. Melancholic blue

Turn your hair color into blue at Christmas, and you will get a look that is quite different from others. So being compelling is naturally not a difficult problem.

Melancholic blue
Source: instagram.com/hilaryish/

4. Blue, green, and silver-white

This color combination matches perfectly with winter and Christmas. Not only that, but it also makes your hair look more layered.

Blue, green and silver white
Source: instagram.com/mandicolorshair/

5. Half red and half green

This way of dyeing your hair gives your hair a dramatic appearance, and its super visual power makes you outstanding.

Half red and half green
Source: instagram.com/glitter_artist/

6. White and brown

No matter when classic brown is one of the most popular hair colors, there is no doubt about this. But everyone needs something special during the Christmas season, right? Match this color with white, and pair it with cute hair accessories, you will look a little playful.

White and brown
Source: instagram.com/neonsheepbarn/

7. Personalized palette

The festive dressing is the best time to show your personal style. If you are planning to do this, please forget those classic or trending color combinations. A personalized color palette is your ideal hair color choice.

Personalized palette
Source: instagram.com/erinm_hair/

8. Pastel tones

To be honest, I was deeply attracted by this soft-toned hair color. This color combination can make your Christmas hair look very gentle and more feminine.

Pastel tones
Source: instagram.com/jackieinmanhair/

9. Chic green

If you are looking for the best single hair color for Christmas, I guess you will choose from classic colors such as red, green, silver, or gold. What must be admitted is that every color has a good performance. Do you still need some uniqueness? The special shade is worth a try. This chic green is a good example.

Chic green
Source: instagram.com/shearcraft/

10. Shining silver

Silver hair makes you a charming queen at Christmas. But to create a festive atmosphere, you still need to wear themed hair accessories.

Shining silver
Source: instagram.com/glam.by.heather/

11. Vibrant orange

In addition to those classic colors, orange is recognized as one of the best colors to create a Christmas atmosphere. This color is full of vitality, and it can easily convey joy and a relaxed mood to everyone in need.

Vibrant orange
Source: instagram.com/edensalonpadova/

12. Classic Christmas color combinations

No matter what your favorite style and tone are, I think everyone should try a classic Christmas hair color combination at least once. Match some Christmas ornaments to your hair and you will turn into a Christmas tree that moves at any time. How interesting and creative!

Classic Christmas color combinations
Source: instagram.com/nikkiscandalous/

13. Black and gray-green

The light gray-green and black match together to create a striking and modern color combination. Incorporating the looming pink into the hair doubles the female charm. This Christmas hair color is simple but impressive as a whole.

Black and gray-green
Source: instagram.com/christabel_legrand/

14. Ice blue

This unique blue that looks cold can make you an ice queen. You can choose this color for your hair regardless of whether it is the Christmas season or not. It is worth mentioning that it has magical power in the hot summer, and the ice-blue can effectively lower people’s visual temperature.

Ice blue
Source: instagram.com/jackieinmanhair/

15. White and red

This Christmas hair color is inspired by peppermint candy. For those who are addicted to this kind of candy, this idea is definitely the best.

White and red
Source: instagram.com/alexandralee1016/

16. Silver gray

Gray is not unique, but it becomes a relatively special color for Christmas. If you feel that the basic gray is a bit ordinary, please blend this color with silver to make it sparkle.

Silver gray
Source: instagram.com/biolage/

17. Two-tone brown

Two-tone brown makes your hair look more layered and rich. For those who like classics, this color combination may be the most perfect. Wearing some exquisite themed hair accessories, the lively Christmas atmosphere is created!

Two-tone brown
Source: instagram.com/meaganrossi/

18. Passionate red

Red is the color that best represents Christmas. It is difficult for this kind of enthusiastic color to not let people feel the festive atmosphere.

Passionate red
Source: instagram.com/beautybyrockagirl/

19. Purple, white, and blue

The dreamy Christmas hair color combination is right in front of your eyes. Please allow me a grand brief, it is composed of purple, white and blue. Among the color combinations, purple is the most important, and blue can be changed according to personal preference.

Purple, white and blue
Source: instagram.com/schwarzkopfpro.de/

20. Eye-catching yellow

In addition to red and green, which Christmas hair color has the most eye-catching appearance? My answer is bright yellow!

Eye-catching yellow
Source: instagram.com/tiffanymaehair/

21. Make your hair sparkle

To be precise, what this idea shows you are a simple way to make your hair shine. This appearance effect not only makes you more charming but also makes your hair look “snowing.”

Make your hair sparkle
Source: instagram.com/samvillahair/

22. Unique Rainbow

Rainbow hair colors will make you look youthful and vigorous. But for the deep winter in December, this appearance may not be the most ideal. I mean, it might be a bit overly bright! However, matching a low-gloss blue to this color combination can easily solve the problem.

Unique Rainbow
Source: instagram.com/jessydahll/