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22 Amazing Pisces Tattoo Ideas

As we all know, Pisces is the last zodiac sign, people of this zodiac sign are sensitive and have strong empathy, and have a unique perspective on beauty. This means that common designs cannot satisfy them, and we think a unique Pisces tattoo is a perfect match for someone who belongs to this zodiac sign.

Of course, even though the personalities of people in this zodiac sign are roughly the same, we know very well that everyone’s style is different. In this guide, you can find bold and cool black designs as well as colorful ink works that are lively and lively. We know it’s hard to choose just one of them, so try combining multiple ideas for a truly personal design.

1. on Back

Most back tattoos look rich and sophisticated because the artist knows that only with such a design the final result will be good. If you are looking for a Pisces design for this position, this idea will inspire you. Adding moons, stars, constellations or birth flowers to a design is the most popular.

Pisces Tattoo on Back

2. Pisces Symbol Tattoo

The Pisces symbol is the most classic and beloved image. Of course, people want their ink to look gorgeous, so a design that incorporates constellations is a good choice.

Pisces Symbol Tattoo

3. Yin Yang Pisces Tattoo

Two fish tattoos can perfectly represent Pisces, and because of the personality of this zodiac sign, ink designs that combine yin and yang culture and ideas have always been a trend.

Yin Yang Pisces Tattoo

4. For Women

If you want to get a perfect and simple Pisces ink for women, I think adding a flower tattoo to the design is probably the only way.

Pisces Tattoo For Women

5. on Shoulder

Especially for women, shoulder tattoos can enhance charm and attractiveness. Take a look at this idea and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Even though it’s a relatively common Pisces constellation design, it’s easy and flawless to bring out the femininity.

Pisces Tattoo on Shoulder

6. on Ankle

What is the best Pisces design for an ankle? I think this tattoo is one of them. Take a look at this design, it’s a symbol overall, but the vivid fish and delicate details are absolutely impressive.

Pisces Tattoo on Ankle

7. Mini Cute Pisces Tattoo

This is a mini tattoo, but it’s very creative. The combination of minimal flowers and fish makes the ink look incredibly cute. In addition, there is red ink in the design, so it will be easily noticed by people.

Mini Cute Pisces Tattoo

8. Minimal Pisces Tattoo

Time to make a choice, do you prefer a minimalist symbol or two thin line fish, I think most people prefer the former, especially when tattooed on the wrist.

Minimal Pisces Tattoo

9. on Wrist

The bold black-ink Pisces look great on the wrist, while the minimal thin-line style falls a little short. It is worth mentioning that this tattoo also looks elegant as it has an oriental ink painting look effect.

Pisces Tattoo on Wrist

10. Moon Pisces Tattoo

A tattoo design that perfectly integrates elements of the moon and constellations is worthy of reference and copying. This idea is a good example, are you excited?

Moon Pisces Tattoo

11. Pisces Flower Tattoo

The Pisces symbol, made entirely of flowers, is perfect for women. This design is easy to reproduce and customize, and you can use different flowers to make the ink more personal, or to deepen the meaning of the tattoo.

Pisces Flower Tattoo

12. Line Pisces Tattoo

This line Pisces is the right design, as only the larger ink size can bring out its beauty. You should be able to feel that even though this tattoo doesn’t have much detail, it’s still stunning.

Line Pisces Tattoo

13. Koi Pisces Tattoo

Koi fish represent health, happiness and good luck, so this Pisces tattoo is not only beautiful but also deeply symbolic. In addition, I think this ink also has the function of blessing and protection.

Koi Pisces Tattoo

14. Custom Pisces Tattoo

Custom tattoos must be in line with personal style, and the design of such tattoos needs to be made from scratch. Whether you’re an artist or not, you need some inspiration before you start creating, and I think this great idea will help you, especially when it comes to designing small tattoos and personal logos.

Custom Pisces Tattoo

15. For Men

Pisces tattoos for men should be bold, eye-catching and cool, so a black ink design with simplified details is probably the best option for most people.

Pisces Tattoo For Men

16. Pisces Word Tattoo

When you want to express something clearly, words are more powerful and effective than images.

Pisces Word Tattoo

17. Pisces Constellation Tattoo

This is a classic constellation design, and if you’re worried that others won’t know what your ink is saying, you can refer to this idea and incorporate the corresponding symbol into the design.

Pisces Constellation Tattoo

18. Colorful Pisces Tattoo

This is the best Pisces design in this guide, be it the color combination, or the detailing, this tattoo struck me. As mentioned above, with such exquisite inks, only large tattoos are suitable.

Colorful Pisces Tattoo

19. Pisces Birth Flower Tattoo

If you don’t like overly simple symbols, but complex designs are out of your consideration, then the combination design of Birth Flower and constellation is one of the few options.

Pisces Birth Flower Tattoo

20. on Finger

Obviously we can’t get a double fish tattoo on finger. If you think symbols are too common again, constellations are the only design we should consider at this point.

Pisces Tattoo on Finger

21. Unique Pisces Tattoo

This Pisces tattoo is simply too unique and it looks elegant due to the green ink background. In addition, black ink and white ink are included in the tattoo, which proves that this tattoo combines yin and yang culture.

Unique Pisces Tattoo

22. on Arm

Arm tattoos are always visible most of the time, so the design should be creative and this Pisces design made of plants is a good reference.

Pisces Tattoo on Arm