Despite the past years, the costumes of TV series friends are still popular today

In this period of time, in order to pass the long time, I re-watched the TV series drama released in 1994: Friends, this is a sitcom, which gave everyone a lot of happy time at that time, so it is in Rotten Tomatoes has a high rating and became the most watched TV series, and subsequently won many top awards.

In this re-watching process, I got some inspirations about fashion, specifically the idea of clothing matching. Most fashion designers have said that fashion is a reincarnation again and again, and many things that were popular decades ago will become popular again. In fact, this sentence is indeed correct.

Despite the past years, the costumes of TV series friends are still popular today

When I revisited this classic sitcom, I found that the protagonist Rachel’s outfit seemed timeless. Whether it is the popular wide-leg pants in recent years or the suspender skirt that highlights the figure, Rachel has tried it many years ago. Then let us follow the steps of Rachel and learn how to match the most fashionable clothing in the retro trend!

Rachel is a wealthy man, she is innocent and romantic, and has her own unique vision for fashion. After escaping marriage, she found her friend Monica and got help from it. She became a coffee shop waiter. In the process of working as a waiter, she found that she didn’t like the job, so she decided to pursue her dream, and slowly got her dream. Became a consultant of the fashion group.

In her growth process, her outfit has obvious personal characteristics and conforms to her identity. It has a high reference value for clothing matching for students and workplaces.

Always popular overalls

Overalls have always been loved by everyone, but how to wear overalls is different, Rachel did it. Rachel has a special liking for suspenders. Her dressing method is not traditional. Not only does she choose a small suspender as a clothing match, even in recent years, Hollywood female stars’ favorite one-shoulder wearing overalls, she also Tried already!

Despite the past years, the costumes of TV series friends are still popular today

Dark blue denim overalls with lace suspenders, unique ideas. The denim overalls are youthful, and the way they are worn with lace suspenders is sexy and attractive. The combination of the two does not conflict at all, and has a peculiar fashion sense. This kind of collocation can highlight the delicate collarbone and beautiful shoulders.

Despite the past years, the costumes of TV series friends are still popular today

The traditional method of wearing overalls is to tie up the buttons on both sides, so although it is also good to wear, it is inevitable that it is a little dull. Therefore, in recent years, female stars like to unbutton one side when wearing overalls, let the strap hang down naturally, visually produce an asymmetric effect, and look casual and fashionable. But this way of wearing, as early as more than two decades ago, our outstanding fashionista Rachel has already mastered it. This sharp and avant-garde fashion vision is really praiseworthy!

Very charm suspender skirt

Friends who have watched this TV show know that Rachel can pursue almost any man. In Rachel’s closet, there is the secret weapon of her countless successes-the tight suspender skirt. The suspender skirt is very hot in the summer of these years, it can be regarded as the necessary clothes in the women’s wardrobe. For the suspender skirt, Rachel took advantage of the advantages of this skirt to the extreme, no matter what style of suspender skirt, she can easily match.

Despite the past years, the costumes of TV series friends are still popular today

What is Rachel’s most impressive look? Many people may think of this green suspender skirt. The well-cut skirt shows the slim waist, the simple and elegant style looks timeless, and the light and elegant green color sets off the sun and healthy skin. This skirt looks like it is tailored for Rachel.

In addition to wearing a silver bracelet on his hand, Rachel did not choose too many accessories to match this skirt, so as not to let the cumbersome design of jewelry and ornaments dominate, the whole person looks gentle and generous, beautiful and eye-catching!

Despite the past years, the costumes of TV series friends are still popular today

This hot red suspender skirt is also very classic. Different from the wide shoulder strap of the green suspender skirt, the shoulder strap of the red suspender skirt is very small, echoing the design behind it, and it is a little more sexy. In this styling, Rachel put her hair up and put on a slightly exaggerated gold necklace, which will not make the slender neck look empty at the same time. Although the whole shape is simple and bright.

Occasionally Rachel will add a sweater to the suspender skirt as a clothing match. The black velvet suspender skirt is paired with a dark brown long-sleeved sweater. Both of these clothes are dark colors, dignified and young. This method of wearing a suspender skirt can not only show a perfect figure, but also suitable for everyday activities, beautiful and casual. Coupled with a simple necklace, the whole dress looks more complete.

Sweet American style

Rachel is known as the American sweetheart, so American style clothing is definitely essential. Rachel likes T-shirts of various colors with jeans or pleated skirts, and the casual and simple matching makes her look particularly youthful and bright.

Despite the past years, the costumes of TV series friends are still popular today

This set of white long-sleeved tight knit sweater with  pleated skirt, 100% American campus style. Rachel styles her hair into a unique shape, which looks loose and cute. The point is that this hairstyle can make the facial contour look small! The solid color sweater is simple, but it also outlines her beautiful figure. The pleated skirt makes her legs look thin and straight, with white half-stockings with black stripes, which makes her look very Beautiful and young.

Despite the past years, the costumes of TV series friends are still popular today

Rachel has a variety of different colors and patterns of T-shirts, such as this short love short sleeve, is a unique design. This style of T-shirt with high-waisted jeans will make people look very thin. The high-waisted jeans below firmly cover the abdomen, which makes everyone wonder whether you have a slim waist. Just think you really look thin. High-waisted trousers improve the position of the waist and visually lengthen the legs. This wearing technique is also a way of dress matching for women with short heights.

Classic business attire

Ladies who have already entered the workplace can also be inspired by Rachel’s wear. For example, this black suit wears a white shirt. White and black are color combinations that will never be outdated. Whether it is a newcomer who has just entered the workplace or a battle-hardened strong woman, choosing these two colors of clothes will not go wrong.

If you think black is very dull, then you can also choose a suit of other colors. The blue color with the same color skirt is appropriate and calm; the light gray and light blue of the Morandi color are relatively low-key. These two colors are also very decent with pure white clothes.

Despite the past years, the costumes of TV series friends are still popular today

These three suits are all designed with a tight waist, and the buttons are fastened, which is generous and beautiful. Rachel’s workplace dress up, like to match some other accessories, such as Y-shaped necklace, embellishment of such accessories can also add some highlights to dull workplace clothing.

Rachel will choose different clothes to match his identity when he is in different locations. Whether it is a beautiful waiter in a coffee shop, a cute athlete on a baseball field, or an active participant in various parties, or a mature elite in the workplace, she has a unique and beautiful style of clothing, every Looking back at this TV series more than 20 years ago, Rachel always brings us different surprises.