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30 Best Elephant Tattoos: Meaning and Design Ideas

Elephant tattoos have a very beautiful symbolic meaning, it usually represents wisdom, auspiciousness, happiness, strength, and family. This animal has been on the earth for thousands of years, and it is one of the largest animals. From ancient times to the present, elephants have always been loved and admired by people. It is worth mentioning that in some ancient national cultures, elephants were also considered to be the existence of gods. And it also has a profound connection with Buddhism. Various factors have made elephants more and more popular in animal tattoo art.

Both men and women can wear elephant tattoos. It has a long history and culture, so related tattoo designs are countless. No matter what purpose you wear this tattoo, you can definitely find the one that suits you best. Of course, as styles and aesthetic trends continue to change, some designs may be outdated.

To make sure you can avoid outdated designs, we prepare some of the best elephant tattoos for you. The design collection contains a variety of tattoo sizes, such as small or medium elephant tattoos and elephant sleeve tattoos. There are also some unique styles that are popular and you might be interested in, such as watercolor and abstract. Of course, we can’t miss the classic elephant tattoos, such as designs with flowers or mandalas. In other words, we include as many popular designs as possible so that you can get more inspiration at once.

1. Golden Elephant Tattoo

The golden color makes the elephant tattoo look magnificent and extremely eye-catching. The design of this tattoo does not stop there. Excellent artists also incorporate mechanical aesthetics for it. What’s more worth mentioning is that the red ink eye gives the elephant some “magic power”.

Golden Elephant Tattoo
IG: newtattoo_akiwong

2. Cute small elephant tattoo

I bet that baby elephant tattoos must be the common choice of most people. Traditional black ink already makes this size elephant tattoo excellent, not to mention the color design, this tattoo is cute and lively.

Cute small elephant tattoo
IG: marisa.drexel

3. Manuscript Elephant Tattoo

Manuscript tattoos are niche, and tattoos created in this style have a rustic and original appearance. It also reminds me of children’s drawings, so from another perspective, it also represents pure thought. When the meanings expressed in this style come together, let us refer to the meaning of elephants. Do you find that they have many similarities or even the same meanings?

Manuscript Elephant Tattoo
IG: frappeink

4. Creative Elephant Tattoo

In my opinion, the most indispensable thing in modern tattoo art is “creative design”, but there are very few recommended designs. What do you think of this elephant tattoo? The overlapping design of outline and ink fill creates a fun visual effect.

Creative Elephant Tattoo
IG: by_vas

5. Ink Elephant Tattoo

The simple ink circle gives the elephant tattoo a bit of Zen. This design is very interesting. It can make people addicted to deep thinking.

Ink Elephant Tattoo
IG: edyzet.g

6. Couple Elephant Tattoo

In fact, this half of the elephant is usually a couple tattoo. When the two arms are merged together, the elephant has a complete image and meaning. So this tattoo design also expresses that the other half is indispensable.

Couple Elephant Tattoo
IG: mrsebaland

7. Meaningful elephant tattoos

The elephant itself has a deep meaning, but good design can also create another meaning. This tattoo design represents the future and the past.

Meaningful elephant tattoos
IG: d_world_of_ink

8. Tribal Elephant Tattoo

If you are looking for the best elephant tattoos for men, then this design combining tribal symbols is something I must recommend to you. This tattoo design is full of mystery and legend.

Tribal Elephant Tattoo
IG: 21tattoostudio

9. Elephant tattoo for family

Elephant tattoos with three or more heads are usually for families, and such designs are derived from the meaning of elephants. There are many styles for you to choose from, you must have seen the minimalist design. If you are looking for a design with rich details and appearance, then this tattoo will inspire you.

Elephant tattoo for family
IG: reyhanbeyenirsoy

10. Elephant tattoo for women

Cute elephants and some gorgeous flowers with bright colors, such a simple design combination can easily create the best elephant tattoos for women. It is a common design for flowers to surround an elephant, and it can also be used as a print to be creatively integrated with the elephant.

Elephant tattoo for women
IG: mina.ilic.tattoo

11. Lotus Elephant Tattoo

This colorful elephant sleeve tattoo with lotus flower is definitely a huge project, you need to pay more time and money for it. Having said that, its stunning appearance is irresistible. The symbolic meaning of the lotus has some overlap with the elephant, so their combination has an enhanced effect.

Lotus Elephant Tattoo
IG: lauraegea_tattoo

12. Simple flower elephant tattoo

Even the simple design of elephant tattoos with flowers is full of unique feminine charm. In my opinion, the back is the best place to place this tattoo. Of course, you can also place it on your thighs, arms, or even feet.

Simple flower elephant tattoo
IG: mintelephant

13. Moon Elephant Tattoo

In some cultural history, honest and lovely elephants are considered gods, and they can communicate directly with nature. So this moon elephant tattoo design is both imaginative and appropriate.

Moon Elephant Tattoo
IG: miki_tatuuje

14. Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

Watercolor can make elephant tattoos more feminine and attractive, so it is also considered one of the most suitable elephant tattoo designs for women. Pink and purple watercolor looks dreamy, if you need unparalleled charm, then blue watercolor may be what you want.

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo
IG: leidyilustradora

15. Abstract Elephant Tattoo

If you want to make elephant tattoos have some mysterious appearance, then why not use abstract styles? The minimalist tattoo looks impressive, not only that, the design must have deep meaning.

Abstract Elephant Tattoo
IG: romantic.gestures

16. Sweet elephant tattoo

This sweet elephant tattoo is all due to the amazing color matching and lively patterns. The design includes the castle, girl, starry sky, and pink elephant. It seems to describe an unforgettable fairy tale.

Sweet elephant tattoo
IG: yubarta_tattoo

17. Elephant sleeve tattoo

You might think that a small or medium tattoo size is not enough to show the full charm of an elephant, so an elephant sleeve tattoo with a rich design can definitely meet your needs. Wearing a sleeve tattoo absolutely requires a lifetime commitment, and it does not even allow you to regret it, so please make your decision cautiously.

Elephant sleeve tattoo
IG: kiratattooist

18. Elephant line tattoo

Many people’s love for minimalism is unimaginable. If you are the same, then this elephant outline tattoo using only thin lines will make you excited.

Elephant line tattoo
IG: sara.commodi

19. Mandala Elephant Tattoo

Both the mandala pattern and the elephant have a long history, culture, and wonderful stories. This type of tattoo is usually best for women. The mandala can be used as the background pattern of the elephant tattoo, or it can be perfectly integrated with the design after being split.

Mandala Elephant Tattoo
IG: isasart_tattoo

20. Origami Elephant Tattoo

Origami tattoo art is very hot in recent years. If you are a person who follows the trend, then you may not want to miss this style. This tattoo is a little different from other designs of the same type. It reflects the effect of origami through color. Not only that, thanks to the green ink, it has become a unique elephant tattoo.

Origami Elephant Tattoo
IG: mafupoke

21. Mixed Elephant Tattoo

A tattoo design that mixes multiple elements is one of the simplest creative ways. This tattoo has a complete outline of an elephant, which also contains some interesting little things, such as the heart, the letter D, fireworks, and constellation symbols.

Mixed Elephant Tattoo
IG: pigmentedtattoos

22. Cool elephant tattoo

Thanks to the red and black ink, this elephant tattoo is cool and eye-catching. Designs like this are very suitable for men to wear. Not only gains the symbolic meaning of elephants, but also incorporates power into the design.

Cool elephant tattoo
IG: giovanniderosetattoo

23. Heart Elephant Tattoo

The elephant symbolizes love, so the design combined with the heart element is just right. In order to make the tattoo unique, you can try to use some bright inks for the heart. Like this idea, it has a blue heart.

Heart Elephant Tattoo
IG: tattoosalinafat

24. Tiny Elephant Tattoo

The tiny elephant tattoo is suitable for those who like low-key, you can easily hide it when necessary. The appearance of a tattoo usually depends on the style. This realistic style can make small tattoos also impressive.

Tiny Elephant Tattoo
IG: svenrayen

25. Elephant and lion tattoo

The lion and elephant tattoo is not only a simple combination of patterns, it is also a perfect fusion of meaning, this tattoo symbolizes the absolute balance of kindness and power.

Elephant and lion tattoo
IG: _captain_ink

26. Elephant tattoo with daisies

Any flowers you like or have meaning to you can be combined with elephant tattoos. The design does not need to be complicated, just like this tattoo, it looks very cute and the style must be loved by most people.

Elephant tattoo with daisies
IG: seung_tattoo

27. Unique elephant tattoo

This tattoo design is very interesting, it has the outline of an elephant, but it looks like many trees. This is an amazing design and absolutely unique. I believe that it is very different from the elephant tattoos you have seen in the past.

Unique elephant tattoo
IG: dziarzky

28. Special elephant tattoo

Unique artistic style can create special elephant tattoos. If you want to make your elephant tattoo stand out, then this design is worthy of reference.

Special elephant tattoo
IG: kudutattoo

29. Mother and baby elephant tattoo

Two elephant tattoos are usually used to express maternal love. This is a kind of elephant tattoo with deep meaning, which can be worn by both men and women. This tattoo design contains some gorgeous flowers, so it is designed for women.

Mother and baby elephant tattoo
IG: sebastian_tattoo

30. Geometric Elephant Tattoo

Almost all patterns are composed of geometric elements, which are primitive and modern. The elephant tattoo with geometric style looks minimalist and fashionable and avant-garde. I think this tattoo design is very suitable for those who need a larger tattoo size but at the same time want to keep a low profile.

Geometric Elephant Tattoo
IG: inked_alex