20 Cozy and Unique Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A small bedroom means limited decoration space. What is unexpected is that it makes many people wonder where to start designing. Do you have the same point of view? Compared with the large bedroom, the decoration of the small bedroom seems to be more difficult. The reason is easy to understand. Almost everyone wants the appearance to be “rich”, so too much furniture and decorative items are integrated into a small space without restriction. There is nothing wrong with this decorating concept, but for small bedrooms, it creates a sense of crowding. Once this effect appears, no matter how beautiful your small bedroom is, believe me, you will not feel comfortable and long-term satisfaction from it.

I think the small bedroom decoration design should always be minimalist, keeping only the furniture (maybe only the bed) and decorations that are really needed in the space as much as possible. On this basis, the required storage space is designed to ensure the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality. There is no need to worry that a small amount of furniture will make the small bedroom look “cold” because a small space is inherently easy to create a warm atmosphere.

Everyone has their favorite color and tone, but I still recommend that you choose a soft or neutral color combination as the main color in the small bedroom design. This does not mean that you can’t use colors that can create a cool look, such as blue, black, etc. However, you at least need to know what the correct color ratio is. I know that “boring text” is difficult for you to fully grasp the above basic concepts, so the following best small bedroom design pictures will definitely give you more inspiration.

1. Small black bedroom

Small black bedroom
IG: maryscozyspace

You must be cautious in using black in small rooms. The proportion and placement of this color are important, and black walls are obviously not a good idea. In this idea, black appears on the blankets and side cabinets. This is a smart way to design because you can change them at any time.

2. Unique wallpapers

Unique wallpapers
IG: spacedesignbyd

The decoration style and appearance of the bedroom can fully express your personal style. In fact, there are few areas where small bedrooms can be decorated, so choosing a unique wallpaper may be the most ideal design.

3. Cozy small bedroom

Cozy small bedroom
IG: hom.fy

Although the space of the bedroom is small, a comfortable atmosphere can be easily created through simple decoration. This advantage is not available in a large bedroom. The design scheme is obvious. What you need to pay attention to is to control the number of items in the space. Too many decorative items can easily cause crowding.

4. Small pink bedroom

Small pink bedroom
IG: dove_cottage

This soft pink can make your small bedroom look very warm. Just like this idea, this color can appear on the wall, or in pillows or prints. Of course, the overall color ratio of pink should be large.

5. Perfect space utilization

Perfect space utilization
IG: shellamuchtar

The bedroom is small but fully functional. You can see that in this small space, the designer has perfectly integrated the wardrobe and bookcase into it.

6. Floating shelf

Floating shelf
IG: afrodinette

For small bedrooms, this minimalist floating shelf is one of the best products. You can put flowers, books, photos, and decorative items on it.

7. Creative bedside wall

Creative bedside wall
IG: trideewallpaper

The creative and eye-catching black bedside background wall makes the appearance of this small bedroom impressive. Thanks to the geometric shapes in the design, the modern style of this space are strong. As mentioned above, we must use black conservatively.

8. Small high stool

Small high stool
IG: themerrythought

Most small bedrooms may not have enough space for bedside tables, and small high stools are the best alternative. The simple design and neutral colors can match almost all decorative styles.

9. Wall bedside lamp

Wall bedside lamp
IG: withmilana

The tabletop of the small bedside table is limited. If only one table lamp is placed, the appearance must be monotonous. Therefore, it must reflect the greatest value, such as placing flowers or unique decorative items. So where should the bedside lamp be placed? The answer is to install it on the wall.

10. Maximize storage space

Maximize storage space
IG: urbancottageliving

In my opinion, if there are no special needs, this kind of bed with a storage function must be the first choice for small bedrooms. After all, wardrobes and bookcases are “luxury” for small spaces.

11. Blue small bedroom

Blue small bedroom
IG: bealach_uige_bothy

The blue background wall can make the appearance of the small bedroom more unique. When this color matches its contrasting color, it creates a vibrant visual effect. Of course, this design scheme is still niche. If you want to use it, you must be clear about what you really want.

12. Melt into yellow

Melt into yellow
IG: creativecables.uk

How to make the small bedroom full of vitality and look clean and simple? The answer is to incorporate some yellow in the final stage of decoration. This positive color can improve mood and relieve some fatigue.

13. Night atmosphere

Night atmosphere
IG: takinada

Please do not neglect the night atmosphere of the small bedroom, it will give you an unexpected effect. This idea has given us some inspiration, and it can be done easily by using string lights.

14. Pastel tones

Pastel tones
IG: raffaela.sofia

The pastel color matching is very suitable for small bedrooms. Although it will not create an impressive effect, this color combination will give the overall appearance of the space a high balance.

15. Wall decoration of small bedroom

Wall decoration of small bedroom
IG: littleohanadeco

Don’t waste the walls of the small bedroom, you can make the overall appearance effect richer through decoration. Printed matter is one of the most basic decorative items, and floating shelves are also a good choice, or you can try to combine the two perfectly.

16. Unique small bedroom bed

Unique small bedroom bed
IG: mybedroomidea

This style of bed can immediately make the small bedroom unique and free. In fact, it can also free up more “space” visually so that the small bedroom will not be crowded.

17. Corner decoration

Corner decoration
IG: izka_homeuk

There is also a corner space in the small bedroom, where you can set up your dressing table, desk or create a mini lounge area (a single sofa can be achieved).

18. Flower theme

Flower theme
IG: monicafjeld.interior

Open the door and enter your small room, you will see the cute floral pattern at first sight. I think you must feel happy and relaxed. I do not recommend that you put too many real flowers in the small bedroom because they will take up precious space. Of course, this does not mean that you have to give up the floral theme. Just like this idea, a print with a unique texture and a flower pillow can completely satisfy you.

19. Modern small bedroom

Modern small bedroom
IG: neverforeverhome

A bedside table with simple lines and a bed that is absolutely comfortable and soft both visually and tactilely. This minimalist modern small bedroom can make you sleep easily.

20. Reasonable use of room structure

Reasonable use of room structure
IG: nuproperty

If the structure of the room cannot be changed, we need to learn to use it rationally. The headboard of the bed is under the beams. In order to improve the depressed visual experience, soft green wooden boards are used to create a comfortable background wall.