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28 Chic Gray Nail Designs

For those who like low-key and elegant styles, gray may be one of the few best colors. This color is between white and black, and it is also suitable for people who are obsessed with simple style but need some uniqueness at the same time. In fact, you can see things with this color everywhere in your life, such as clothing, shoes, and hats. But I think gray nails are always the choice of a few people. It is worth mentioning that this simple and low-key color will give you unexpected effects. For example, wearing gray nails may be easier to “smart” stand out from the crowd.

Gray nails may discourage many people, but this does not mean that the design is bad. In my opinion, the reason may come from the boring dark gray. So the following nail ideas will focus on those light-toned designs. Of course, dark gray nails are also worth trying after a simple creative design, such as making them shiny.

With the changes in modern aesthetics and aesthetics, more and more people are no longer satisfied with monochromatic nail design. So you can see the unique gray mixed with other colors and matching designs with popular colors (pink, brown, white, black, gold) here. Let’s start! These gray nail design pictures will give you practical inspiration.

1. Gray French nails

Epic French nails can match almost all designs and colors, but you still need to pay attention to the choice of shades. I think light gray is the most suitable, because this type of nail is one of the most elegant styles, and darker shades can ruin this effect.

Gray French nails
IG: nailsby_melisa

2. Golden-gray nails

Although gray nails are low-key, many people still need some eye-catching and gorgeous looks, so it is a good idea to incorporate some gold into the design. This nail design will inspire you, and it is worth mentioning that it is also a popular constellation theme this year. So wearing this nail can also show off your personality.

Golden-gray nails
IG: amyle.nails

3. Black and gray nails

Gray is somewhere between black and white, so this color and black match together perfectly.

Black and gray nails
IG: magic.on.nails

4. Gray almond nails

The basic gray almond nails are already very good, if you add some exquisite details to the design, then it will be perfect. This idea is a good example, and you can see that there is nothing complicated in it. In other words, you can even finish it easily at home!

Gray almond nails
IG: luminary_nail_systems

5. Gray gradient nails

The color combination of gradient nails is very rich, and a variety of bright colors are enough to dazzle you. But gray gradients are rare. I mean, it’s absolutely unique.

Gray gradient nails
IG: lakierowy_apacz

6. Gray flower nails

Take a look at this beautiful nail design, the perfect combination of dark gray and white flowers. It gives people high-end luxury visual effects. Do you feel it?

Gray flower nails
IG: inez_aganails

7. Gray and green nails

This color combination is very interesting, gray represents cold, and green brings you the warmth of early spring. Not only that, these two colors have reached a balance in design and vision.

Gray and green nails
IG: feral_flash_nails

8. Gray marble nails

Many natural marbles happen to be gray, so this nail design looks realistic. To make the appearance more luxurious and eye-catching, the manicurist added some exquisite small metal decorations.

Gray marble nails
IG: bskorange.8

9. Elegant gray nails

This gray nail design contains bright yellow, nude, green, and white. Although it has rich colors, the proportions of each color are just right. In other words, this nail looks comfortable. Thanks to the minimalist black plant pattern in the design, the elegant atmosphere is stronger.

Elegant gray nails
IG: anitas.nails

10. Gray and blue matte nails

This is a special nail design, not only because the gray and blue match together but also because of the matte style. The overall appearance of the nails looks simple and reveals a trace of mystery.

Gray and blue matte nails
IG: beautynails_by_anna

11. Neon gray nails

Gray nail design can also be active, you just need to incorporate some neon colors you like. Wearing this nail, you will immediately become a modern girl.

Neon gray nails
IG: natalia.waligora.nails

12. Gray square nails

Basic and classic square nails may be the nail shape most people wear often. I think this type of nail is easy to create a gorgeous atmosphere, and the fact is the same, this idea is good proof. Gray, white, and silver accent nail designs are suitable for almost anyone.

Gray square nails
IG: pressedaholic

13. Gray and yellow nails

Neon colors may make gray nails look “complex”. If you want the appearance to be eye-catching and lively while maintaining simplicity, please add some yellow to the design.

Gray and yellow nails
IG: maria_kutikula

14. Shiny dark gray nails

Dark gray may be awe-inspiring, but when this color shines, everything will be different, and it will be highly sought after.

Shiny dark gray nails
IG: dipwellnails

15. Gray and pink nails

I believe that you must be attracted by this nail! The design gives people a strong visual impact, and this advantage is entirely attributed to the combination of gray and pink. You should have also noticed that the color on each nail is slightly different, and they are gradually becoming lighter. Although this is the simplest color gradient design, it is undeniable that this nail looks interesting enough.

Gray and pink nails
IG: ayakateen54

16. Gorgeous gray nails

The nails with this gray primer are like a piece of art. It looks both retro and abstract. I can’t think of a better adjective except for “gorgeous”. Although it may be difficult to completely replicate this design, we can get inspiration about the design style and colors.

Gorgeous gray nails
IG: arinails.lv

17. Gray and white nails

The soft white almond nails blend in some gray to create a unique look through a creative design. There are many similar designs, but the white and gray color scheme may only be the choice of a few people.

Gray and white nails
IG: kaarens.nails

18. Simple gray nails

If you are a loyal supporter of minimalist style and you want to keep a low profile, this gray nail can’t be missed.

Simple gray nails
IG: oliveandjune

19. Milk gray nails

This is a rare and unique gray, it looks like it is mixed with some milk. This nail has a soft appearance, and even it makes people feel that it is “delicious”.

Milk gray nails
IG: lovefreshpaint

20. Long gray nails

Many people have a soft spot for long nails, and short nails will not appear in their dictionary. This combination of nude gray long nails is versatile and you can wear it all year long.

Long gray nails
IG: asiadoesnails

21. Gray butterfly nails

Black butterflies appear on the gray nails. Although the effect is not as eye-catching as expected, you have gained elegance and special charm.

Gray butterfly nails
IG: nickknailz

22. Blue-gray nails

Mixing some gray with blue, are you curious and full of interest? Take a look at this idea, it will give you the answer.

Blue-gray nails
IG: sarah.lakt

23. Short gray nails

In my opinion, dark gray and gray are not suitable for applying to cute short nails. This extremely light gray (infinitely close to white) is a natural match for nails of this length.

Short gray nails
IG: vino_and_varnish

24. Gray Negative Space Nails

The concept of negative space design has always been popular, and it makes short gray nails more fun. This nail design does not lose its vitality because of the color.

Gray Negative Space Nails
IG: coatednailsohio

25. Trendy gray nails

How to make gray nails follow the fashion trends? This idea gave us a simple idea, adding some fiery prints to the design. How simple! If you like this style, go try it.

Trendy gray nails
IG: springwithfriends

26. Gray-brown nails

If you want to wear gray nails in late autumn and you don’t like monochromatic designs. Then brown is the ideal choice for the second color. Now that the time has come to winter, you may be satisfied with red.

Gray-brown nails
IG: pepper.holidays

27. Gray and beige nails

Five nails focus on gray, the other five nails focus on creative design, you now have it all. Of course, patterned nails should use a background color that perfectly matches the gray. The color depends on the style you want. The overall style of this nail is elegant and cute, so the artist chose beige.

Gray and beige nails
IG: urarae

28. Natural gray nails

I must recommend this nail design to you. It has a natural look and is full of texture. In fact, a beautiful appearance is one thing, it is also a meaningful nail design. Sunflowers are “in bloom” on the surface of concrete-like nails.

Natural and chic gray nails
IG: birdy_polished