22 Appealing and Unique Lipstick Nail Art Designs

Attractive nails have several distinguishing features, such as eye-catching color combinations or creative and interesting designs. However, it is actually not a relatively simple thing to get a perfect nail design. Would you be interested if I told you there is a way to make your nails look the same or even better with no effort? I don’t like to hang people’s appetite, so let us reveal the answer now! It is lipstick nails.

Anyone can imagine that the shape of nails like lipstick is absolutely unique. Don’t worry! This nail shape is not a trending meteor. It became popular among a small group of people last year, and most people who wear lipstick nails are popular celebrities. It can be expected that the popularity of this nail shape will peak this year. So for you who follow fashion trends, you should try it at least once, right?

1. Attractive Lipstick Nails

The sparkling decorations on the tips of the nails make the lipstick-shaped nails more visible. The creative design derived from French nails gives this nail a full modern flavor.

Attractive Lipstick Nails
instagram @jumao_nail

2. Interesting Lipstick Nails

Lipstick nails are unique in themselves. Please try to add your favorite patterns to the design to enhance this effect and make the overall look interesting.

Interesting Lipstick Nails
instagram @nailpromagazine

3. Lipstick Nude Nails

Lipstick nails with this color are a classic design. Perforated golden accessories make this basic nail look a little special.

Nude Lipstick Nails
instagram @nury.nails

4. Brown, Orange, Yellow Lipstick Nails

This color combination can give lipstick nails an autumnal atmosphere. If you look closely, you will find that the design theme of the nails is always popular leopard print.

Brown, Orange, Yellow Lipstick Nails
instagram @thenailbabeuk

5. Lipstick Colorful Nails

This nail has a vibrant appearance, and the colorful lines look like strings of beautiful neon lights. The diamond accent nails also create an elegant atmosphere for the overall appearance. This lipstick nail is the perfect combination of elegance and gorgeousness.

Colorful Lipstick Nails
instagram @maitescott.nails

6. Lipstick Blue Nails

This blue color itself is unique, and matching the special lipstick shape, the amazing appearance of this nail can be imagined. The delicate decorations on the nails give the design the noble atmosphere of a medieval European court.

Blue Lipstick Nails
instagram @kimtheproduct

7. Galaxy Lipstick Nails

Galaxy nails are one of the most popular themed styles, but most designs are almost similar. If you want to make this kind of nail look special, there is no reason not to try lipstick shapes.

Galaxy Lipstick Nails
instagram @morbidfantasynails

8. Lipstick Purple Nails

This purple nail made of powder looks dreamy, subtle, and outstanding. However, the lipstick-shaped nails once again enhanced the design’s appearance. If you are not satisfied with simply attracting attention, this nail may be what you have been looking for.

Purple Lipstick Nails
instagram @spicedup.nails

9. Lipstick White Nails

Thanks to the shape of the lipstick, the classic and even boring white and nude mixed nails have become more eye-catching.

White Lipstick Nails
instagram @prettyygirlnails

10. Two-color Lipstick Nails

Regardless of the color, the monochromatic nail design is more or less monotonous. The shape of the lipstick will enhance the appearance, but matching it with a two-color nail design may be the most ideal choice.

Two-color Lipstick Nails
instagram @bostonsnailsandspa

11. Lipstick Flower Nails

The fresh flowers make lipstick nails enter the beautiful spring season. This nail combines the classic spring theme design with a unique shape in harmony.

Flower Lipstick Nails
instagram @acrylicsbyamira

12. Pink-toned Lipstick Nails

The lipstick nails of this hue are full of a girly atmosphere, and the design looks even a bit sexy.

Pink-toned Lipstick Nails
instagram @__thenailchemist__

13. Lipstick Marble Nails

The light and luxurious marble pattern make the lipstick nails look gorgeous, and the gold leaf adds a touch of luxury to it.

Marble Lipstick Nails
instagram @churchill_nails

14. Tribal Black and White Lipstick Nails

The mysterious black-and-white tribal symbol matches the shape of the lipstick nails to complement each other.

Tribal Black and White Lipstick Nails
instagram @ajsnailss

15. Lipstick Pastel Nails

This soft but youthful and vibrant gradient color combination will make people fall in love with this nail design at first sight.

Pastel Lipstick Nails
instagram @nailssurgeon

16. Pink and Black Lipstick Chrome Nails

Both powder and chrome can make lipstick nails sparkle, and which look style you choose depends entirely on your personal preference. In my opinion, chrome nails look more modern.

Pink and Black Chrome Lipstick Nails
instagram @nailbandida

17. Lipstick Butterfly Nails

For those who are crazy about butterfly patterns, this lipstick nail gives them a niche design. I mean, because of the special nail shape, this design is obviously different from other butterfly nails.

Butterfly Lipstick Nails
instagram @guirose.nails

18. Lipstick Black Ombre Nails

The beautiful black ombre makes this lipstick nail exquisite and not out of style.

Black Ombre Lipstick Nails
instagram @khun_mimi

19. Lipstick Neon Nails

The eye-catching nature of lipstick nails is pretty good, and matching a dazzling neon color, wearing this nail will make you the most charming one in the crowd.

Neon Lipstick Nails
instagram @tanziemarienails

20. Lipstick Halloween Nails

The sharp-edged lipstick nails are like sharp blades, and add some horror elements to the design. The perfect Halloween nails will be presented before your eyes.

Halloween Lipstick Nails
instagram @nails.by.jasmina

21. Lipstick Multicolor Swirl Nails

If you want to match multiple colors for lipstick nails, you really should think about how to organize them perfectly. For example, a soft and comfortable swirl pattern.

Multicolor Swirl Lipstick Nails
instagram @savagebeautyofficiel

22. Shining Lipstick Nails

This lipstick nail made of silver powder and stars is eye-catching. The attractiveness you need, this nail may fully satisfy you.

Shining Lipstick Nails
instagram @lightelegancehq