25 Vibrant Orange Nail Art Designs

Orange is not as passionate and intense as red, but it is also one of the best bright and warm colors. This widely popular color represents joy and celebration, and in some ways, it is even inspiring. Orange nails can not only be worn in summer, in my opinion, it is also one of the perfect autumn transition nail colors. Wearing nails of this color, you can quickly get the autumn atmosphere, when you look at it, you can feel some warmth in the cold weather.

There are many orange nail designs, they are enough for you to spend some time to find the one that suits you. Some classic and basic designs are always in fashion, while other designs that look “good” may be outdated. So we will show you some vibrant orange nail designs to help you get inspiration immediately.

These design ideas include simple monochromatic designs, as well as orange nails that match other colors, such as gold, red, and rose gold. Of course, there are also classic cow prints and cute heart patterns. Do you want to feel some summer atmosphere in autumn by wearing your nails? Then the neon orange nails belong to you. Continue to slide the screen, there are many designs that may excite you.

1. Orange and gray nails

The color matching of this nail is bold and eye-catching. Although this is not a mainstream color combination, it can give people unexpected visual surprises. If you have a soft spot for anything unique, then you should really try this design.

Orange and gray nails
IG: julia_krugeskaya

2. Realistic orange nails

The design looks simple but makes complicated artificial orange nails. The realistic effect makes it look delicious and delicious. I swear, I can wear it all year long.

Realistic orange nails
IG: glosshouse

3. Orange and silver nails

The strong dark orange makes the appearance of this nail very lively. For some people, they need more visibility, so it is a great idea to incorporate some silver into the design.

Orange and silver nails
IG: nailsbyniksii

4. Orange cow print nails

It’s time to change the appearance of traditional cow print nails. If you want to make it look younger, how about matching some orange?

Orange cow print nails
IG: lbebeauty

5. Soft orange French nails

This short French manicure is warm and soft, I think it is due to the orange color and some small creative nail tips. The graceful curve design balances the visual impact brought by the color, making this nail still elegant.

Soft orange French nails
IG: mybeautycorner.ba

6. Neon orange nails

Wearing this neon-colored orange nail in the cold season, despite its simple design, it can also make you stand out from the crowd. Not only that, when you see it, you will feel as if you are back in summer.

Neon orange nails
IG: jen.the.nail.lady

7. Geometric orange nails

Orange is the same as yellow, they are both inspiring colors. When this color is applied to the upward geometric arrow, you will feel full of positive energy at any time.

Geometric orange nails
IG: nailz_by_al

8. Orange gradient nails

When you are not satisfied with the single-color nail design, then this kind of orange gradient nail is one of your best options.

Orange gradient nails
IG: kuypernailart

9. Orange long nails

This gorgeous and elegant orange long nail is simply a professional design. In my opinion, nails of this length are not suitable for complex designs. The simpler the nails, the more attractive.

Orange long nails
IG: mariexnails_

10. Eye-catching orange nails

When I saw this orange nail, I knew what really stood out. This highly reflective effect is very suitable for those who like to show off their personality. The design also includes a niche ice blue, wearing this nail, you will always be at the forefront of fashion.

Eye-catching orange nails
IG: noi.nails

11. Simple abstract orange nails

Many abstract style designs are intricate, and it is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue. But this minimalist abstract design will improve this situation, anyone can easily accept and wear this orange nail.

Simple abstract orange nails
IG: srebremalowane

12. Orange flower nails

Orange is displayed through flowers, and this nail has an autumnal atmosphere. Designed to be applied to elegant long almond nails, as we all know, this nail shape has a wide range of uses.

Orange flower nails
IG: nailsbyadeled

13. Orange zebra nails

This orange nail is very interesting. If I don’t explain it, you will definitely not be able to see the zebra pattern in the design at the first time.

Orange zebra nails
IG: mrs.portugal

14. Orange pumpkin nails

Autumn nails are usually used for transition because many people are looking forward to wearing Halloween nails. So why not get the festive atmosphere in advance? These pumpkin-themed orange nails can help you.

Orange pumpkin nails
IG: dip_tasha_dip

15. Orange almond nails

Almond nails are elegant, but many designs can also be monotonous. The orange almond nails I want to recommend to you can definitely make you excited. The combination of red and glitter orange complements each other.

Orange almond nails
IG: wesola_monika

16. Delicate short orange nails

Excellent design details can create a sophisticated look. Just look at this short orange nail and you will know what I’m talking about. Not only that, but the V-shaped pattern can also visually extend the length of the nail.

Delicate short orange nails
IG: daintydollynailartist

17. Orange and gold nails

If you want to wear magnificent orange nails, then only a golden accent design can be easily achieved.

Orange and gold nails
IG: clw_nailartist

18. Orange and purple nails

The color scheme of this nail design is very unique, in fact, it is composed of four colors. Orange occupies a large proportion, white is used as a transitional color, purple gives a dreamy look, and silver can make nails look more luxurious.

Orange and purple nails
IG: nailartmuse

19. Cute orange nails

Short nails originally represent cuteness. Even simple designs can perform well, not to mention adding orange and some peach hearts to the design.

Cute orange nails
IG: peaccibrand

20. Creative orange nails

The reverse double-layer French style, although it is a short nail with limited creative space, through creativity, it has an amazing and impressive appearance.

Creative orange nails
IG: paintedbeautyhq

21. Shining orange coffin nails

Glittering nails are great, but in my opinion, such designs tend to lose delicate details. But this dark orange nail perfectly combines the two together.

Shining orange coffin nails
IG: uitsanka

22. Orange Dot Nails

This nail design full of orange dots can draw people’s attention deeply.

Orange Dot Nails
IG: nailitmag

23. Matte orange nails

The matte style orange nails will give people another unique and subtle atmosphere. Good design is the prerequisite, and special colors are the top priority.

Matte orange nails
IG: brontenails_x

24. Orange and rose gold nails

Is the golden color too eye-catching? Or you are not interested in silver, so how about rose gold?

Orange and rose gold nails
IG: noxnailspl

25. Hand-painted orange nails

If you want to wear orange nails like a master of the art, hand-painting some cute oranges on white nails may be a good design solution.

Hand-painted orange nails
IG: boycott_boringnails