29 Superb Infinity Tattoo Designs

Many infinity tattoo designs have a minimalist appearance but also have inspiring meanings. I think this type of tattoo is perfect no matter from which angle you look at it. Thanks to the simple structure, the infinity symbol can be combined with other pattern elements to make the tattoo exclusive. For example, moon phases, hearts, feathers, arrows, and more. Then combine a specific style, and you can finally get a charming feminine or cool masculine design. Such as watercolor, geometric, or black ink art. I guess you may be both amazed and suspicious of what was said above. Please check these designs below! I bet they will dispel your doubts.

29. Geometric infinity tiny tattoo

The hexagons give this tiny infinity tattoo a stable structure. From a design point of view, this tattoo looks a little futuristic and cyberpunk style.

Geometric infinity tattoo

28. Moon Phase infinity tattoo

This infinity tattoo design combined with moon phases looks feminine and dreamy. This appearance is attributed to the gradient purple and the symbolic design with ribbon texture.

Moon Phase infinity tattoo

27. Dragon infinity tattoo

The dragon from the ancient east symbolizes power, authority, and sacredness. Excellent artists have cleverly designed it as an infinity symbol to greatly increase its meaning. The sun pattern in this tattoo design makes the overall look brilliant and aristocratic.

Dragon infinity tattoo

26. Sun Moon infinity tattoo

The sun and the moon (day and night) alternate in cycles and never stop. The quote in the design also clarifies this concept, and this infinity tattoo means to cherish the present.

Sun Moon infinity tattoo

25. Heart infinity mini tattoo

Please don’t underestimate this mini tattoo design! The infinity symbol created by the heart shape can express your commitment to love. Thanks to the minimalist style, the size can be enlarged or reduced at will.

Heart infinite mini tattoo

24. Double Infinity Tattoo

The apparent effect of this double infinity tattoo design is very interesting. If you are distracted, it will make you have an illusion.

Double Infinity Tattoo

23. Feather infinity tattoo

The feather pen elegantly writes the word family and the infinity symbol. This tattoo is a statement of love, affection, and responsibility.

Feather infinity tattoo

22. Bird and lotus infinity tattoo

In addition to its own meaning, the infinity symbol can also serve as a “bridge” to connect multiple pattern elements with different meanings. Not only that, but it will also balance the visual and meaning between the elements.

Bird and lotus infinity tattoo

21. 3D small infinity tattoo

Many people just need a small infinity tattoo design with no other elements, but the appearance should not be monotonous and boring, so this design that combines a 3D style is worth trying.

3D small infinity tattoo

20. Arrow infinity tattoo

The infinity symbol symbolizes a steady stream of strength and perseverance. Then the arrow with a clear direction will break the deadlock and start a new journey.

Arrow infinity tattoo

19. Flower infinity tattoo

This elegant infinity tattoo created entirely from floral elements is tailor-made for women. The words in the design are used to express the specific meaning of the tattoo.

Flower infinity tattoo

18. Rope infinity tattoo

Interestingly, this rope infinity tattoo cannot be easily untied after being tied. This design expresses the wearer’s determination to never give up until the goal is reached.

Rope infinity tattoo

17. Personalized infinity tattoo

Creating a personalized infinity tattoo design is effortless. It usually consists of multiple element patterns. Such as green leaves, wheatears, peach hearts, and flowers.

Personalized infinity tattoo

16. Infinity tattoo for couples

I think the best infinity tattoos for couples must clearly express love, such as this design that combines short sentences.

Infinity tattoo for couple

15. Ring infinity tattoo

If you want to make the couple infinity symbol visible to everyone, and you can put it on your finger as a striking ring tattoo.

Ring infinity tattoo

14. Realistic infinity tattoo

This infinity tattoo design that represents promise is not a realistic style in the traditional sense. But it definitely counts as a unique category.

Realistic infinity tattoo

13. Infinity tattoo with numbers

Infinity tattoos with numbers are usually used to commemorate the dead. The central idea of this design is that although the body is no longer there, the soul has not disappeared.

Infinity tattoo with numbers

12. Glittering infinity tattoo

The infinity tattoo design combined with sunlight looks gleaming, it will illuminate the wearer’s every day and make life full of infinite hope. This design is suitable for almost everyone. In other words, it conforms to the public aesthetic.

Glittering infinity tattoo

11. Natural infinity tattoo

This infinity tattoo contains the endless power of nature, and its excellent design makes people full of awe of nature.

Natural infinity tattoo

10. Snake infinity tattoo

Some specific element patterns can be easily transformed into infinity symbols through deformation. In my opinion, this is a very personalized design method.

Snake infinity tattoo

9. Cattail infinity tattoo

Incorporating pet portraits into infinity tattoo designs is an easy way to commemorate pets. This is an easy way. If you still need some uniqueness, I think the animal tail may be the best design element.

Cat tail infinity tattoo

8. White ink infinity tattoo

White ink tattoos are undoubtedly special. So even if there is only one infinity symbol in this design, it looks a little amazing.

White ink infinity tattoo

7. Gradient wave infinity tattoo

From black to pink, the changes of these two colors look very subtle and make the appearance no longer monotonous. This infinity wave tattoo design means “freedom is life.”

Gradient wave infinity tattoo

6. Smiley Rainbow Infinity Tattoo

This infinity tattoo represents a beautiful vision and wishes for future life. Smiling is simple and important, but it is not easy to maintain this mood every day.

Smiley Rainbow Infinity Tattoo

5. Cool black ink infinity tattoo

Believe me, this black ink tattoo design with lightning elements will definitely be impressive.

Cool black ink infinity tattoo

4. Watercolor infinity tattoo

If you want to make simple infinity tattoos have a gorgeous and feminine look. I think it must be worth trying to incorporate watercolor backgrounds into the design.

Watercolor infinity tattoo

3. Rose infinity tattoo

What is the most romantic and poetic infinity tattoo design? The beautiful rose can give you the answer.

Rose infinity tattoo

2. Interesting infinity tattoo

Two small flowers intertwined to create a subtle infinity symbol, I bet you will be obsessed with this creative design.

Interesting infinity tattoo

1. Queen infinity tattoo

This tattoo design with a crown and an infinity symbol cleverly combine to express that you will always be your own queen.

Queen infinity tattoo