22 Best Moon Nail Art Designs

I boldly guess that you have rarely seen moon nail designs, and you may even have never heard of them. In my opinion, this nail art theme can make you a unique and individual fashionista easily. What can be guaranteed is that even a minimalist modern light-colored design will have the same effect.

Moon nail designs can be classified from three perspectives. They are pattern suits, trend styles, and seasonal themes. Even if this nail design is so niche, you still need a lot of time to find a design that suits you. Believe me, this is not cliché and alarmist. Fortunately, you are here! We understand your style, so we have already collected and sorted it out for you. Next, please allow me to introduce them to you one by one.

1. Aesthetic Moon and Cloud Nails

Aesthetic Moon and Cloud Nails

The moon echoes the word aesthetics. This kind of pattern will make people can’t help feeling a wonderful atmosphere. The purple sky design in this nail makes you feel like you are in a fairyland.

2. Exquisite moon nude short nails

Exquisite moon nude short nails

I believe that the popularity of short nude nails is obvious to all. But such a design is somewhat monotonous and tedious. Fortunately, we have exquisite moon decorations, and only one is needed to make the design charming and intoxicating.

3. Amazing moon nails

Amazing moon nails

This “flashy” design will make your nails impressive. In fact, this moon nail design saves you from wearing extra jewelry.

4. Cool moon nails

Cool moon nails

I have to admit that cool moon nails are really rare. If you are looking for related designs, I would strongly recommend this amazing idea to you.

5. Modern half moon nails

Modern half moon nails

Relatively speaking, half-moon nail designs like this are unique and niche. Sparkling nail polish can easily create this look. So many designs look modern and minimal.

6. Moon print nails

Moon print nails

If you are not interested in a simple nail design, the moon print pattern may be the best choice.

7. Funny moon phase nails

Funny moon phase nails

You may ask why this seemingly ordinary moon phase nail design is fun? Because black and white color matching enriches the design details and gives it a somewhat realistic effect.

8. Unique moon nails

Unique moon nails

What do you think of when you see this moon nail? Yes! It is the surface of the moon. Would you like this unique design?

9. Blue silver full moon nails

Blue silver full moon nails

I believe you will feel the strong winter atmosphere from this full moon nail design. The reason lies in the eye-catching blue and silver color combination.

10. Boho moon nails

Boho moon nails

Different seasons and scenes need to wear the correct nail design. This moon nail combined with boho style is the perfect summer nail design, and it matches perfectly with beach vacations.

11. Moon golden long nails

Moon golden long nails

There is no doubt that this golden moon nail design will win everyone’s attention. The moon “hidden” in the nail tips exudes a little noble breath.

12. Glittering Moon Acrylic Coffin Nails

Glittering Moon Acrylic Coffin Nails

At first glance, this moon nail design may seem ordinary. But the way it looks in the sun will surely make you fall in love and be surprised instantly.

13. Moon cuff nails

Moon cuff nails

The moon created with light golden powder is cleverly placed on the cuff. Talented artists have made this nail design a good balance between gorgeous and low-key.

14. Luna moon nails

Luna moon nails

If you are looking for the most famous moon nail design theme. Undoubtedly, this one is! The playful Luna looks cute and energetic.

15. Moon and constellation nails

Moon and constellation nails

Some nail designs have specific uses. This moon nail combined with constellation symbols is most suitable for the birthday party.

16. Rainbow Moon Nails

Rainbow Moon Nails

The combination of rainbow and tie-dye art makes this moon nail the brightest design in the series.

17. Black and white moon stiletto nails

Black and white moon stiletto nails

The black and white color combination is both high-key and soft. Then thanks to the stiletto heel shape, this moon nail design is absolutely impeccable.

18. Ombre moon nails

Ombre moon nails

Moon ornaments effectively add a little dreamy atmosphere to the red ombre almond nails.

19. Blue and Gold Moon Nails

Blue and Gold Moon Nails

What is the best moon nail color combination? This design idea is my answer.

20. Moon Fall Nails

Moon Fall Nails

How to make moon nails and autumn atmosphere perfectly blend together? This idea is the best starting point for inspiration. No matter the color or design of this nail, there is no problem.

21. Spring moon nails

Spring moon nails

There are usually flowers or plants in spring nail designs. So it goes without saying that you will also know in which season this moon nail is most suitable for wearing.

22. Retro moon nails

Retro moon nails

This moon nail design looks like an exquisite antique. This is thanks to the black nail primer and retro silver embellishment design.