20 Oval Nail Designs You Need to Try In 2021

Don’t be limited to one nail shape, you should try more. Are you thinking about the next nail shape? It may be oval. If you have the same idea as me, please check these best oval nail designs, they can make you excited.

The rounded nail tips provide you with a comfortable visual experience. The appropriate medium length and relatively large nail surface make the design styles available for you almost unlimited. Wearing oval nails can jump directly from workdays to seaside holidays. The fashionable and elegant nude color design is suitable for everyone, and the black and gold color matching design can add a gorgeous temperament to you. Do you need an active atmosphere? Eye-catching neon oval nails are for you.

What are oval nails?

Oval nails are very similar to almond nails, and I even think the subtle differences between them are negligible. However, a careful person will find that the tips of almond nails will be relatively sharp. On the contrary, the tip of an oval nail is absolutely rounded, the width of the entire nail is almost the same, and the design is almost always of medium length. Both nail shapes have their own advantages. I have to admit that almond nails are indeed the most elegant. However, oval nails are suitable for everyone, especially those with fat fingers. If you can’t wear long nails for some reason, and short nails make you bored, then this nail shape may be your ideal choice.

Are oval nails worth trying?

The answer is yes, it has many advantages, let me list some for you.

  1. Oval is an eclectic nail shape, which is between long nails and short nails. The comfortable nail tips and medium design length make it versatile and suitable for everyone.
  2. Compared to short nails, oval nails have a larger surface, so you have more design space. In my opinion, the number of designs is almost as rich as that of long nails.
  3. You can easily make oval nails at home because many designs can be done directly on real nails. You just need to be patient to polish your nails into an oval shape, then put on your earphones and start enjoying a pleasant and relaxing manicure moment.

Are you already interested in oval nails? Don’t stop, let’s continue. You may need some top oval nail designs for inspiration. Don’t waste precious time looking around, just swipe down the screen and they are here.

1. Cute heart oval nails

Cute heart oval nails
IG: nailsbydannimoore

This is a cute nail design and simple to make. Polish your nails into a perfect oval shape, then make a matte nude primer, and you need to paste some exquisite mini heart stickers on it. A red heart is a good starting point. You can also match other colors for the combination, such as green, blue, etc., to make the nails look more playful.

2. Lavender oval nails

Lavender oval nails
IG: allthatsglossy

With charming hand-painted lavender and subtle holographic glitter, this nail design combines elegance and vitality. Wearing it, I believe you can smell the fragrance of flowers at any time.

3. Cherry oval nails

Cherry oval nails
IG: lululus

Oval nails can provide a larger surface for your creativity, so it is perfectly feasible to design with more cherry patterns. Look at these cute and delicious little things, this manicure is hard to refuse.

4. Neon oval nails

Neon oval nails
IG: lovelyaestheticnails

Neon colors make oval nails rock and roll, and this nail design looks eye-catching and gorgeous. I think this color matching is very suitable for summer. If you want to get a more active atmosphere, then it is one of the most worth trying styles.

5. Purple oval cloud nails

Purple oval cloud nails
IG: _legarage_

The appearance of this nail is casual and comfortable. The design is fun and creative. It looks not only clouds but also marble. Incorporating purple into it gives this oval nail a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. You can wear it at any time, but I think it is more suitable for vacation and home leisure scenes.

6. Green oval gradient nails

Green oval gradient nails
IG: sassnailartistry

The design theme of this oval nail is avocado. Did you feel surprised when you knew this information? The creativity of the designer is great, and of course, the shape of the nails is also indispensable. If you are a fan of avocados, there is no seasonal limit to wearing them, because it is a great way to show off your personal preferences.

7. Unique rainbow oval nails

Unique rainbow oval nails
IG: nailitmag

There are many ways to incorporate rainbow color into oval nails, but I bet this design is truly unique. The appearance of the nails looks soft and lively and has an accent design. At the same time, the designer did not forget to add some gorgeous atmosphere to it.

8. Milky white oval short nails

Milky white oval short nails
IG: nailsmiki_

White has many different shades, and this oval nail uses milky white. The crystal clear nails are impressive, and the ice-blue at the bottom makes people feel a little cool. Not only that, it makes the overall appearance look very noble.

9. Shiny checkerboard oval nails

Shiny checkerboard oval nails
IG: amyytran

Checkerboard nails are one of the hot nail designs this year, and we have no reason to miss them. However, many designs are actually the same. Everyone needs something unique, and this idea may satisfy you. Thanks to the oval nails, the “checkerboard” looks richer.

10. Abstract oval nails

Abstract oval nails
IG: nailboxmiami

The classic oval nails are combined with an abstract style. Guess what is the final effect? That’s the amazing appearance of nails. I think you have already felt it from this thought.

11. Gorgeous ice white oval nails

Gorgeous ice white oval nails
IG: paiwaloves

This oval nail is one of the most worth-trying designs. The specially treated white background looks like ice cubes. Natural plants are frozen in ice, and the designer intends to keep them fresh all the time. What an obsessive design, do you want to try it?

12. Nude oval blueberry nails

Nude oval blueberry nails
IG: nailitmag

No matter what shape it is, nude color is definitely the best nail base color. If you are lost in the ocean of colors, then please refocus your eyes on the classic colors. Creating fruit oval nails is extremely simple. Just like this idea, the wearer chose blueberries, and then there is no need to add extra elements to the design. What is your favorite fruit? Please incorporate it into your nail art and let us know.

13. Trendy star oval nails

Trendy star oval nails
IG: fancythingsblog

If just wearing nude oval nails may be boring, we must make it fashionable. I know that complicated design is bad, and everyone will feel visually fatigued by this appearance. Let’s add some twinkling stars to the nail art!

14. Creative French oval nails

Creative French oval nails
IG: iramshelton

The popularity of French manicures is crazy. According to statistics, everyone has worn it at least once. However, you certainly don’t want to use the same design as others. Then try the oval shape, because most French manicures are almond-shaped. Then look at this idea, it will inspire you. This nail design remains absolutely simple and has unexpected subtle creativity. In my opinion, this kind of appearance is very rare.

15. Hand-painted oval flower nails

Hand-painted oval flower nails
IG: paznokciewkolorzemarzen

Oval nails are your drawing board, let the beautiful flowers bloom on the nails. Although this nail design may not be the most stunning. However, it can definitely keep you in a positive mood throughout the day.

16. Joyful oval nails

Joyful oval nails
IG: nailitmag

This oval nail can remind people of childhood, and the colorful confetti carries our precious memories.

17. Luxurious black oval nails

Luxurious black oval nails
IG: oksana_paluszek

If it’s just a simple black oval nail, it may not appear here. Because of the design with gold foil paper, the appearance of this nail is noble and luxurious.

18. Golden oval nails

Golden oval nails
IG: xameliax

If you are obsessed with gold, then try this oval nail. The short nail length and rounded nail tips perfectly balance luxury and low-key. Wearing this nail can make your temperament more unique and personalized.

19. Crystal Oval Nails

Crystal Oval Nails
IG: liv4nails__

Stunning design, these nails look like shining and precious gems. The design doesn’t stop there. Do you see those irregular contours created with gold foil paper? They played a vital decorative role.

20. Light yellow oval smiley nails

Light yellow oval smiley nails
IG: missbettyrose

I bet that if you wear this nail design, you will always have a smile on your face.