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18 Best Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas

Are you looking for a tattoo design that perfectly interprets the Sagittarius personality? If that’s what you’re thinking right now, luckily, we’ve got it for you! Sagittarius people are known for their freedom-loving, lively, wild imagination and amazing creativity, and they have a unique perspective on beauty, art and trends.

Sagittarius is assertive and curious, and doesn’t like things that stay the same or look the same. So, we know very well that Sagittarius needs ink designs that are absolutely unique. With that in mind, in this guide we’ve included trending designs from subtle to bold, small to big, keep scrolling to find something that resonates with you.

1. Colorful

Colorful styles make Sagittarius tattoos look vibrant and free. In fact, this style of art fits well with the Sagittarius personality. Also, if you want to show off your Sagittarius ink, I believe this idea might be just what you need.

Colorful Sagittarius Tattoo

2. Mini

Some people don’t want to show off their ink and identify themselves to others. In other words, they want their ink to be known only to them, so mini tattoos are the best option. This Sagittarius design is also creative, in fact, it is a combination of bow and arrow, only in this design, the moon replaces the bow.

Mini Sagittarius Tattoo

3. Sagittarius Tattoo For Women

If you want to make your Sagittarius ink feminine and enhance your attractiveness through it, then fully incorporating a flower tattoo into the design is the best way to go.

Sagittarius Tattoo For Women

4. Sagittarius Goddess Tattoo

Undoubtedly, the Sagittarius goddess is more suitable for women. Also, to make the tattoo theme more specific, you can also add constellations to the design just like this idea. Need attraction? The red ink design in this idea is the answer. Need more femininity? Try adding some flowers to your ink.

Sagittarius Goddess Tattoo

5. Small Sagittarius Tattoo

The simple and small Sagittarius symbol is suitable for everyone, and it can be tattooed on any part of the body, but I recommend you arms, wrists, behind ears and ankles.

Small Sagittarius Tattoo

6. Birth Flower Sagittarius Tattoo

The combination of birth flower and horoscope is loved by women, and this combination makes the tattoo personal and has a deeper meaning.

Birth Flower Sagittarius Tattoo

7. Sagittarius and Jupiter tattoo

If you think the Sagittarius symbol is too generic, you can try adding Jupiter elements to the design and you will get a tattoo with a special look, just like this idea.

Sagittarius and Jupiter tattoo

8. Creative Sagittarius Symbol Tattoo

There is more than one Sagittarius symbol, the pattern in this idea is another. It looks unique, but not everyone knows it. In other words, if you’re trying to identify yourself through it, the end result may not be as good.

Creative Sagittarius Symbol Tattoo

9. Custom

This is a perfect custom design, this creative tattoo contains a lot of elements of Sagittarius and zodiac signs. If you want to get an ink like this, you may need to design from scratch, luckily, the inspiration provided by this idea will make the creative work easy.

Custom Sagittarius Tattoo

10. Sagittarius Word Tattoo

Assuming you need a minimalist Sagittarius ink, and symbols aren’t on your radar, the ultimate word tattoo may be your only option. For men, thick and angular fonts can be perfect. For women, thin, feminine fonts may be more appropriate.

Sagittarius Word Tattoo

11. Thin Line style

The style can easily influence and control the strikingness of the tattoo. In other words, if you get ink tattooed on your arm, no matter how big or small, it’s usually going to be noticeable. However, if you choose the thin line style, the ink becomes more subtle and soft. This style is perfect for women and those who don’t like to show off.

Thin Line Sagittarius Tattoo

12. Zodiac Sagittarius Tattoo

The constellation is one of the most basic and classic elements, it looks more vivid than the symbol and has more room for creativity.

Zodiac Sagittarius Tattoo

13. Cute

This is a creative and cute Sagittarius tattoo, you can see some youthful elements in the design, such as stars and crystal balls in various colors, and a bright blue planet.

Cute Sagittarius Tattoo

14. On The Back

If you plan to tattoo your Sagittarius ink on the back, I recommend enlisting the assistance of a tattoo artist to get a large custom design that fits your personal style. In my opinion, this is a very meaningful thing.

Sagittarius Tattoo On The Back

15. Sagittarius Bow and Arrow Tattoo

The traditional Sagittarius character holds a bow and arrow, in other words, this combination of weapons is also one of the classic patterns of this constellation. It looks better than symbols.

Sagittarius Bow and Arrow Tattoo

16. Abstract

The most intuitive feeling that abstract tattoos give you is mysterious? If yes, then this design style is your go-to when you need a mysterious Sagittarius tattoo.

Abstract Sagittarius Tattoo

17. For Men

Sagittarius tattoo designs for men should not only look free, dashing, and cool but should also be strong and powerful. The first three visual effects are easy to achieve, the last one is a little more difficult, but luckily we still have geometric patterns to work with.

Sagittarius Tattoo For Men

18. Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo

This tattoo features an arrow as the main body and the gradient art makes it look beautiful. The moon and stars in the design make the ink more feminine. In addition, the delicate feathers also play a vital role. Needless to say, this ink is for women.

Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo