20 Playful and Trendy Pixel Art Tattoo Designs

A truly special tattoo must have an impressive appearance and a niche design style, and pixel tattoos are just that. Most people who wear this type of tattoo are retro video game enthusiasts, programmers, and digital workers. Because of the unique and obvious characteristics of the pixel pattern, these people can easily use it to highlight their personal style and meet individual needs. However, some classic and well-loved patterns are pixelated and still suitable for the general public. For example, flowers, emoticons, and galaxies, etc.

To be honest, when people choose a pixel tattoo design for the next ink, many people don’t care too much about the deep meaning of the tattoo. I think this is an extremely correct view. Because this type of tattoo is only chosen by a few people, the symbolic meaning will vary from person to person. Of course, this does not mean that pixel tattoos are meaningless. They are usually considered retro and nostalgic. Some designs combined with text are easier to be interpreted by people.

1. Pixel rose tattoo

The classic rose tattoo design combines some colorful squares and immediately has an out-of-focus and blurry pixel appearance. The premise is that the size of the tattoo is medium or even large. Otherwise, this effect cannot be perfectly presented.

Pixel rose tattoo

2. Pixel Rainbow Tattoo

The colorful rainbow tattoo is pixelated to look more vibrant. Whether it was before or now, this pattern is deeply loved by people. I mean, this special tattoo design will never go out of style.

Pixel Rainbow Tattoo

3. Pixel Galaxy Tattoo

The galaxy in many ancient video games looks like this pixel tattoo. This design perfectly restores it, even the color combination of the pattern is almost the same. In addition, the widespread use of purple in tattoo design will make it look dreamy and beautiful.

Pixel Galaxy Tattoo

4. Pixel smiley tattoo

If you are looking for the best design elements for pixel tattoos, to be honest, simple emojis are highly regarded. Even though the pattern in the design is classic, this tattoo is also very personalized.

Pixel smiley tattoo

5. Pixel Watercolor Mix Tattoo

Soft watercolor tattoo designs are often combined with surreal patterns to make the tattoo look unique and creative. When it is combined with the pixel pattern, this visual experience will be greatly enhanced.

Pixel Watercolor Mix Tattoo

6. Pixel text tattoo

There is some text content that is very suitable for designing pixel-style tattoos. In my opinion, they are even born for this style. For example, “Game Over”, “Chaos” and “Try Again” and so on.

Pixel text tattoo

7. Pixel mini flower tattoo

This mini flower that loses focus will arouse people’s strong curiosity. This pixel tattoo design conforms to both classic video games and modern tattoo art trends.

Pixel mini flower tattoo

8. Pixel Dagger Tattoo

For a small group of people, a realistic dagger tattoo may look a bit overly cold and tough. I think the pixelated design may be more acceptable to them.

Pixel Dagger Tattoo

9. Pixel star tattoo

The popularity of star tattoos is unimaginable, but the almost identical design makes people feel boring. If you need a completely different design, I think the pixel art style may be able to help you.

Pixel star tattoo

10. Pixel paw print tattoo

Do you think this small paw tattoo for pets is more interesting? I guess the answer has a high probability of being yes.

Pixel paw print tattoo

11. Pixel flame tattoo

Does this flame tattoo make you feel a little familiar? This pattern is active in various classic and retro video games. The anthropomorphic design makes it look incredibly cute. This design caters to the public’s thinking, and many people believe that this flame should be given life.

Pixel flame tattoo

12. Pixel Heart Tattoo

Thanks to the pixel style, this heart tattoo has a distinctly different appearance compared to traditional designs. Based on this design, try other color combinations, you can get a design that perfectly matches your personal style.

Pixel Heart Tattoo

13. Pixel Antique Computer Tattoo

The significance of an antique computer to electronics collectors and retro game lovers is self-evident. After merging it with the pixel style, its appearance becomes older and has a historical charm.

Pixel Antique Computer Tattoo

14. Pixel Mario Tattoo

There is no doubt that characters in video games are another best element (pattern) for designing pixel tattoos. Try to recall that the first character that appears in your mind is the most important to you. Of course, in most people’s minds, and this answer is most likely to be “Mario Brothers”.

Pixel Mario Tattoo

15. Little ghost pixel tattoo

The appearance of this cute little ghost usually means the end of the game, but it also means that the next game will begin soon. So this pixel tattoo design has a certain meaning. In addition to sweat, hard work, luck, and there is also failure behind success.

Little ghost pixel tattoo

16. Pixel Sun Moon Tattoo

I can’t keep my eyes on this pixel tattoo because the sun and moon pattern in the design seems to take me into another dimension.

Pixel Sun Moon Tattoo

17. Pixel Number Tattoo

In fact, this tattoo design made up of pixel numbers is a hexadecimal number, and the person wearing it is a passionate programmer.

Pixel Number Tattoo

18. Personalized Pixel Tattoo

Any pattern can be pixelated and then used in the tattoo design. There is no doubt that the appearance of tattoos is full of personalization and closely follows the fashion trend.

Personalized Pixel Tattoo

19. Pixel Animal Tattoo

Pixel animal portraits have no delicate details and realistic appearance. It is for this reason that tattoos look more unique.

Pixel Animal Tattoo

20. Abstract pixel tattoo

The creative design combined with abstract art style makes this pixel tattoo decompose at a speed visible to the naked eye. If you look at things from another perspective, it can also be considered as gathering.

Abstract pixel tattoo