Top 10 Small Black Rose Tattoo Ideas

What are the popular ideas for the small black rose tattoo? What is the best design for this kind of tattoo? We will reveal the answers to you one by one in this article. This is a very specific topic, but we will share as many styles as possible with you. Male or female, you can find the one that resonates with you from here.

Due to the size of the small tattoo, you can place it on almost any body part. Do you want to show it off or tell a story? The most popular areas are the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. Conversely, the back or behind the ear are worth considering. For the aficionados, they like to place the small black rose tattoo on their neck or face. If you are not one of them, We strongly advise against doing this.

Small Black Rose Tattoo Meaning

Unlike other rose colors, the meaning of small black rose tattoos can be heavy, they symbolize mourning, death and farewell. Some people also believe that roses of this color signify evil or bad side. We have to say that this view is completely wrong. In addition, in some cultural contexts, they also symbolize rebirth.

1. on arm

The small black rose on the arm should be striking and impressive as many people wish to use it to express something important. In my opinion, silhouette tattoos are the best style and since this type of design looks minimalist, the size can be further reduced. This means that this idea is still one of the best for anyone who doesn’t want to overdo it with showing off their tattoos.

Small black rose tattoo on arm

2. Striking

All will notice this small rose on the outside of the forearm because of the black stem. Also, this is a special design as it mixes two trending tattoo styles namely silhouette and thin line. Since this design needs to preserve important details, the size cannot be too small. It is very suitable for tattooing on relatively large body parts such as arms, back, chest, ankles and so on.

Striking small black rose tattoo

3. Small black and white rose tattoo

What is the color combination that lasts and has the strongest visual impact? The obvious answer is black and white. Depending on the color ratio, if black is the predominant color, the tattoo will look cool. Conversely, tattoos take on a softer look. When two colors are in the same proportions, the meaning behind the design is deeper, it symbolizes absolute balance of something.

Small black and white rose tattoo

4. Small black geometric rose tattoo

Geometric tattoos are modern and edgy, by rounding the corners of the shapes, they will take on a muted look, like this small black rose.

Small black geometric rose tattoo

5. on finger

As we mentioned earlier, if you want to get a black rose tattoo on a small part of your body (finger), silhouette should be your go-to style. By controlling the size of the tattoo, you are free to move between understated and bold.

Small black rose tattoo on finger

6. behind ear

You can’t see your own behind ear tattoo for yourself, this type of tattoo is a surprise and a big statement that you give others. That being the case, the design should be impressive, and the use of white ink for the small black rose is a pretty perfect way to design it.

Small black rose tattoo behind ear

7. Small black and grey rose tattoo

Black and grey create stunning shadow detail, which has the benefit of making tattoos look real, like this delicate small rose. In addition, this design uses white ink to enhance its appearance.

Small black and grey rose tattoo

8. on hand

In my opinion, the small black rose on the hand is an iconic symbol. Based on this idea, the design should focus on the strikingness of its appearance. Also, the tattoo on the hand should not have too much shadow detail as it fades relatively quickly. Over time, too much detail can easily crush the overall effect.

Small black rose tattoo on hand

9. Cute small black rose tattoo

Small black rose tattoos can also be cute in a simple way that can be easily done by softening the flower branches. Also, this design makes the tattoo look feminine, I mean, the idea is great for women.

Cute small black rose tattoo

10. Unique

Made up of black silhouetted petals and a thin stalk, this small rose is, without a doubt, special. Furthermore, the petals also give people an abstract visual effect. This is a personalized design, if you want to use it, try adding some personal touch.

Unique Small Black Rose Tattoo