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12 Best Small Cardinal Tattoo Ideas

Let’s guess, are you looking for specific cardinal ideas and designs? Hmm… is that small cardinal tattoo? What? that’s right? Simply awesome! The best ideas here are a perfect match for your needs, and I’m sure they will inspire you. From feminine to minimal, colorful to black and white, you’ll find a design that matches your style in this article.

Small Cardinal Tattoo Meaning

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of these red birds, in fact, they symbolize power, both for men and women. Cardinals are very territorial, and when their homeland is violated, they will fight back fiercely against the invaders.

In addition, in other cultures and legends, the cardinal also symbolizes love, devotion and loyalty. There are also rumors that when people see a cardinal, it means good luck is coming, so this bird is also associated with good luck.

Small Cardinal Tattoo design ideas

1. Cute small cardinal tattoo on ankle

Thanks to the red ink, even with the small tattoo on the ankle, it is still eye-catching. If you want the small cardinal to give off a cute vibe, the chubby exterior design can create that feel.

Cute small cardinal tattoo on ankle

2. Orange small cardinal tattoo

Dark orange tattoo designs are one of the best options for people who don’t like red. Of course, classic and cool black and white are also worth considering.

Orange small cardinal tattoo

3. Small cardinal outline tattoo

Outline tattoo art makes the small cardinal look super super minimal, this design is perfect for anyone who wants to keep a low profile. Also, due to the minimalist look and small size, this tattoo is suitable for all body parts, the best placement I recommend is the wrist or hand.

Small cardinal outline tattoo

4. with flowers

The small cardinal with flower tattoos look feminine and thus this is one of the best tattoo designs for women.

Small cardinal tattoo with flowers

5. on wrist

If you ask me, where is the best place for a minimalist tattoo? My answer is always the wrist. No burden and easy to hide. Plus, when you want to show off your small cardinal, everyone notices it.

Small cardinal tattoo on wrist

6. flying

I know there are many design ways to make a small cardinal tattoo look alive, and I have to share with you one of the easiest ways: that is to make it “fly.”

Small flying cardinal tattoo

7. Black and white

Are you obsessed with classics? Then black and white tattoos are your style. This idea is one of the best examples and it should inspire you. It is worth mentioning not to overlook the thin black outline of this tattoo, which is designed in such a way that the cardinal looks powerful.

Black and white small cardinal tattoo

8. Simple

Simple small tattoos are suitable for everyone. Although this cardinal is small, the feather details in the design are still stunning. Moreover, the shades and bright variations of the colors make this tattoo look incredibly realistic.

Simple small cardinal tattoo

9. Unique

Unique tattoos are eye-catching, like this small cardinal stamp, and it gives me exactly that feeling. Also, the shadow detail makes it retro.

Unique small cardinal tattoo

10. colorful

Colorful tattoos are vibrant and vivid, plus, if you want to show off your ink, this art style is the perfect option.

Small colorful cardinal tattoo

11. behind ear

Behind the ear is one of the best locations for small tattoos, however, designs are usually smaller in size. And, if you want to make a statement that you are a personality, behind the ear tattoos can satisfy you. In fact, the cardinal pattern is relatively intricate, so a perfectly simplified design would match this particular location. This idea will give you a great inspiration.

Small cardinal tattoo behind ear

12. Two small cardinals tattoo

The two cardinal tattoo symbolizes love and loyalty. If you want the look to be impressive, you have to pay more attention to design details. Look at these feathers, they are so delicate.

Two small cardinals tattoo