36 Beautiful Lotus Tattoos (Design & Meaning – 2021 Guide)

2. Tribal lotus tattoo

A tribal lotus tattoo is a popular design that blends the ancient art of tribal tattoos with the timeless beauty of the lotus flower. The tribal style is characterized by bold black lines and intricate patterns that often evoke a sense of strength and power. 

When combined, the tribal lotus tattoo creates a striking and meaningful design that can be customized to suit individual tastes. The tribal elements can be incorporated into the lotus itself, or the lotus can be set against a tribal background for added depth and complexity.

One of the benefits of a tribal lotus tattoo is its versatility. It can be adapted to fit any area of the body, from the upper arm to the ankle, depending on personal preference. The tribal style also lends itself well to larger designs that span multiple parts of the body, such as a full sleeve or back piece.

Tribal lotus tattoo

Ultimately, a tribal lotus tattoo is a powerful symbol of strength, beauty, and spiritual growth that can inspire and motivate individuals on their personal journeys. It can also be a striking and meaningful piece of art that showcases the individuality and creativity of the wearer.