20 Most Popular Small Cross Tattoos

2. Small cross tattoo on hand

With more and more people accepting and liking the art of tattoos, this situation makes hand tattoos less of a negative. Moreover, it has also become the favorite type of ink for avant-garde people. 

Plus, tattooing a cross on your hand is the best way to declare your faith to the outside world. A small and simple design is best for the hand. Because getting inked on this area is so painful, a small tattoo will shorten the amount of time you will suffer from pain. 

In addition, if you need a simple, eye-catching, and unique small cross. Well, the 3D art style can meet your needs without much effort.

Small cross tattoo on hand

This tattoo can hold various personal and religious significance, such as representing faith, hope, or remembrance. Due to its small size and versatility, it can also be a discreet option for those who prefer not to draw too much attention to their ink.